Angela Dim gets new fillers in Beverly Hills. The 90-day-old groom’s star was recently spotted at a chiropractor, sparking rumors of ill health.

90 days for the groom Star Angela Dim reveals the latest cosmetic procedure she received after a sharp loss of 90 pounds. In 2021, TLC fans saw that Angela’s relationship with Michael Ilesanmi was getting weaker and weaker as she began to focus on her health. It was after her wedding in Nigeria in January 2020 that Angela noticed that she was gaining weight fast. However, with a bladder, liposuction, and breast reduction, Angela quickly removed the extra inches. However, she was not ready to quit smoking, which prevented her from doing makeup.

Currently Angela, who insulted the fans during her glare 90 days for the groom. Tell-All is at war with his best friend Jojo. Angela «sister“Who appeared on the show with him even during his many surgeries, hinted that their friendship had gone south. In addition to posting passive-aggressive messages on Instagram, Angela also works on her total transformation every day. In September, Angela met with chiropractor Josh Adams to treat her back and neck pain.

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The last procedure involves getting fillets in Angela’s hands. According to: RadarOnline:Angela recently visited Dr. Obeid Chodri, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, to have her hands repaired at the age of 55. «rejuvenation of hands“, It was non-surgical,” the doctor explained how, in addition to the face, the hands are a huge gift of human age. «As we age, we lose the fat on our hands, which makes them look wrinkled and old.“, – added the doctor. The doctor used Revanesse Versa, which was injected into her hands, to transform Angela.

Angela Dim in a 90-day fiancé.  When is happy?

The filler was used to get rid of wrinkles on Angela’s hands, to strengthen them to make her look younger. The filler is used for healingWrinkles above average և folds in patients 22 years old:.The treatment also seems to have no idle time, causing minimal bruising. In the attached photos, cheerful Angela wore her favorite sports trend, balancing a pair of cool sunglasses over her head. There is still no news that Michael came to America after his visa was approved, Angela, who admitted that she underwent surgery to look younger, also remains a mother about his whereabouts.

It has been almost two years since Angela had to return home immediately after the wedding due to her mother’s ill health. Angela and Michael have been in a long-distance marriage since then. As expected, Angela looked more luxurious than ever, envied Michael as he blamed her on his doctor Michael K. In betraying Obeng. However, that did not stop Angela from seeing new doctors or flirting with them. It: 90 days for the groom The couple broke up with Angela, claiming that he was over. However, Angela is trying her best to show each other that she is going to greet Michael at her American home soon.

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Source: RadarOnline

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