Angela Dim left her sister Jojo after she found out how their friendship ended. The 90-day-old star shows off his new BFF at IG.

90 days for the groom Star Angela Dim spends time in America with a new boyfriend after she ended her friendship “sisterJojo on Debbie Johnson. Jojo, who helped Angela lose weight during eyewitness surgery at a Nigerian wedding to Michael Ilesanmi, first hinted at losing a friend in October. When Angela smiled at Jojo, the fans noticed 90 days for the groom Star Debbie was also part of the drama. Debbie, who is currently starring in the film 90 days. lonely life, told one of his fans that he does not tolerate people who treat him that way.s ***.But Angela seems to have left the argument because she took a selfie with her new boyfriend on Instagram.


All this happened then 90 days for the groom Viewers watching the drama unfolding on Instagram wondered what could be wrong with Angela’s “Jojo”. During a recent Instagram Live session, Jojo finally revealed that Debbie was at the center of their rift. Jojo joined Angela during a vacation in Las Vegas, where they were dating Debbie. But when someone asked Jojo how he knew about Debbie, Jojo said it was from the show. This presumably provoked Angela, as she told Jojo that she only knew Debbie because of him. Angela allegedly started shouting at Jojo and calling him.inappropriate“While passing some insidious comments. According to Jojo, Angela took him out of the hotel room, sent insulting messages, and then he announced:I will never talk to him again!»:

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However, Angela, who has lost 90 pounds, reports that she does not need Jojo by her side, because she was dependent on him.sisterwhile recovering from surgery. In a recent Instagram post, Angela shared a video of psychics with Tracy Walterton, who also appeared 90 days for the groom. season 6.Welcome to MY PSYCHOLOGICAL TRACE USA OK Georgia lol“, Angela wrote in her caption. Among the sweet selfies published by Angela, the fans left comments such as:Angela is ahead»Եւ«Continue to live your life Angela, ignore all jealous people»:

Angela’s friend Tracey այից was born and raised in Birmingham, London, UK. The last time he appeared in a video episode AYA: where he co-read with Angela և Michael, who was fighting. During the meeting, Tracey predicted that Michael sees Angela as “businessԵւ suggested that he be deceived into reaching the United States. Then Michael apologized to Angela and said that his wife looked young and sexy after the transformation. «Tracy told me some things no one knows, I know this lady has a present here,“, This is what Angela said about celebrities 90 days for the groom.

Is it possible that Tracey asked Angela to keep her environment small, to call herself an alpha female? As Jojo explained why they were no longer friends, Angela stayed away from other rude comments. Although Angela was rude to Michael և even to her colleagues, such as Natalie Mordovևan on screen, her clash with Jojo was shocking to fans. Maybe Angela will return to her side of history in the near future 90 days for the groom spin-off.

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