Angela Dim is broadcasting live on TikTok with her husband Michael to accuse her former BFF Jojo of being an ordinary liar after a fight with Debbie Johnson.

90 days for the groom Star Angela Dim claims that her ex-best friend Jojo is an ordinary liar after she discovered how she constantly pursues TLC. When Angela’s decisions were not supported even by her own daughter during the show, it was Jojo who saw the fans rushing to her aid. Disney fan Jojo, whom Angela called “sister,flew to Nigeria 90 days for the groom. Season 5 to witness the wedding of Michael և Angela. The following season, Angela Jojo cleaned her buttocks after losing weight in Los Angeles. However, after their clash with Debbie Johnson, Angela said that Jojo used her fans.


90 days for the groom Instagram viewers did not expect Jojo to announce the end of his friendship with Angela, to reveal that it has been two months. Their relationship apparently collapsed after Jojo և Angela’s visit 90 days. lonely life star Debin in Las Vegas. According to Jojo, Angela went wild after she և did not get the credit for introducing herself to Debbie, calling her “lying b ****»Եւ«inappropriate»: Jojo also kept text messages that Angela was harassing. Angela did not directly address all these accusations, but she treated her Instagram followers with passive-aggressive posts.

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However, all Angela needed to reveal about her real feelings about Jojo was the live TikTok she did with Michael. Distributed video recording 90 days for the groom blogger @kikiandkibbitz, where Angela received a comment saying:You are broken. You used Jojo.After reading this, Angela laughed and asked Michael to support her, saying:Listen, baby», Եւ reading the message. «Listen, you do not want this. Jojo is an ordinary liar. I will say it once, և this is the last time you hear it.According to Angela, Jojo was paid for everything he did. «He was constantly bothering TLC, wasn’t he?He asked Michael, nodding his head in agreement. “Angela then asked her critic to clarify their facts, not to appear in their live video as she wished.”positive energy“and no”mental.»

Trying to «explosionFan Angela, who has lost more than 90 pounds, mockingly added:Jojo was used by everyone»: He continued.I’m not talking about him, but will you continue to bring it to our attention?“Angela insisted that she չեն did not do Michael”damn“About Jojo. Angela, a resident of Georgia, insisted that when Jojo visited Nigeria, he should stay there for a week. But Jojo had only two days left. Even when Jojo came to California for Angela’s surgeries, she only shot for two days instead of a week. He went forward and was ashamed 90 days for the groom fans who believe in such “absurd s ***»: But Angela also added.Satan walks strong today, and I believe in God.“As a last resort to show her true feelings for her best lover, Angela said:God bless you. God bless you, Jojo.»

In the comments of the post: 90 days for the groom Fans have criticized Michael for always behaving like a “yes” around Angela, as he is the source of his visa և Green Card. They also agreed that although Jojo could not stay with Angela for a week, unlike Angela’s daughter, she showed up despite her own family. Jojo gets support TV viewers who watched Angela’s oppressive and insulting attitude on TV. Many people think that Angela wants to stay relevant, she angrily accuses Jojo.

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