Despite the reactions, Angela posted this fresh look on Instagram. However, many fans of the 90 Day engagement party do not seem to be able to forgive her offensive behavior.

90-day groom star Angela Dim showed off her impressive look in her latest Instagram photo. The reality TV star seems to be worried about the reaction she received on social media for her inappropriate behavior on Tell-All. Last season, Angela underwent weight loss surgery because of concerns about her health. However, he was taken away by fans when he did not quit smoking before the operation. He received a greater response when he ignored the advice of his doctors and resumed smoking immediately after life-threatening surgeries.

Many 90-day groom TV viewers called Angela a hypocrite, accusing her husband Michael Ilesanmi of 40 years of smoking. The 55-year-old mouse was criticized not only for neglecting his health, but also for verbally insulting his Nigerian beauty. During Tell-All, Angela had a love affair with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng. When her husband asked her about it, she tried to distract everyone by showing her breasts to the cameras. He angrily left the studio and returned only briefly.

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Angela was already gossiping on social media about her insulting and disrespectful actions towards Michael. He is now being criticized for avoiding questions about “everything” and being patient twice. Despite the criticism, he does not plan to underestimate social media. In fact, Angela is showing off her new makeup և hairstyle on Instagram. Angela’s makeup looks good as it is quite minimal և less biscuits. But: 90 days groom star Angela avoided experimenting with a new haircut, saturating her blond high ponytail. Angela captioned the photo while taking a photo with her make-up artist »He definitely loves this girl [has] best hair և makeup. Մուա.

The TLC star is wearing a yellow T-shirt with several gold necklaces. His wrinkles are visible in the picture, but it seems that he has removed the excess skin under the chin. A fan praised Angela’s fresh look and wrote:It looks great. Eat your heart, Michael“Another fan said.I am proud of you և for what you have done !!!“Another praised Angela, saying:Girl, you look fantastic, but stop shouting so awful; You will have a heart attack yourself

Although Angela looks beautiful, many do 90 days groom fans can not avoid his vile behavior. Fans said that Angela could spend thousands of dollars to beautify her appearance, but inside she will still be malicious. Let’s hope that Michael’s wife will work on him, will try to understand why the fans are so angry with him. However, given Angela’s recent actions, it seems that she is not ready to spend time on some self-analysis. A few weeks ago, 90 days groom Celeb called on critics “idiots“And he confirmed that he could be canceled, but he was not going anywhere.

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