Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi on

After the explosion 90 days groom. Happy when? The two-part event, fans are wondering whether Angela Dim և Michael Ilesanmi is still married or not. Angela left the stage not just once, but twice, ending her conversation with Michael with the words “I’m done.” The fans are confused, wondering if they are really over or another fake break.

Angela Dim և Michael Ilesanmi “90-day engagement. |: TLC:

Angela breaks up with Michael “90-day groom. Happy after all! ” tell-all

90-day groom. Happy when? The 6th season of Tell-All Part 2, which aired on Sunday, August 22 on TLC, Angela made it clear that she wanted to end her relationship with her husband, Michael. Angela’s last straw came after Michael’s aunt, Lydia, said that it was not right for Angela to lose weight, to have cosmetic surgery, and to have a baby with Michael. Angela surprised the cast ին the audience when she expressed her frustration by grimacing Aunt Lydia և the cameras և began to storm from the set.