The report said that Angela’s plastic surgeon, 90 Day Fiancé, Dr. Obeng, was arrested in Ghana. But Dr. Obeng says it never happened.

90-day groom Angela Dimey plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng has updated the allegations of his alleged arrest in Ghana. Angela went through weight loss surgery 90 days groom. Happy after all! Season 6. Angela needed a breast reduction, performed by her husband, MichaelTwins,“Dr. Obeng. Angela, who was flirting with him “beautiful“Doctor, he had trouble attending his birthday party. There was a rumor that Dr. Obeng had been arrested in connection with the Tell-All fraud allegations, which Angela’s doctor immediately denied.

During: 90 days groom. Happy when? After all, Angela was asked to attend a meeting with Dr. Obeng in Los Angeles, after which she drove him back to her hotel. Michael wanted to know why Angela kept it a secret, especially since it involved being ill. For Angela, however, the flirtation did not end. The: 90 days groom meemaw also claimed that Dr. Obeng “a man with a golden heartIn a TikTok video, when Michael asked Angela to marry a surgeon instead.

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At the same time, 90 days groom Dr. Obeng, a member of the cast, remained in the process of overcoming his own crisis Business Insider Africa: posted about his arrest in Ghana without a valid medical license from the Medical Dental Council (MDC). According to the report, Dr. Obeng allegedly “was arrested by the MDC համատեղ Ghana Police Service, Presumably as part of a sting against six fake dentists եց six fake doctors. At the same time, CheatSheet: shared it 90 days groomDr. Obeng confirmed that he had never been arrested, while the publications that tried to tarnish his reputation demanded that his demands be withdrawn.

Dr. Michael Obeng Plastic surgery in a 90-day engagement

Dr. Obeng’s statement published Pulse, showed him the misunderstanding, saying:I have never had surgery for money in Ghana. For the past 14 years, I have traveled to Ghana with my team of volunteer doctors for free reconstructive surgery.“, he continued. Angela’s doctor often receives requests for plastic surgery in Ghana. Sometimes online consultations were held because they could not travel to the United States because of COVID-19 և payments were made by credit card.

A man contacted Dr. Obeng Bergley Hills’s office and said he did not have a credit card but wanted an appointment for liposuction. The appointment was scheduled for July 2021, և Dr. Obeng found out that the man had an umbilical hernia. The person was told they had to pay $ 500 in consulting fees and asked to give it to Dr. Obeng’s security staff. «An hour later, he returned with several other people who claimed to be from the Ghana Medical և Dental Council ությունից the Ghana Police Department CID. Subsequent inquiries revealed that the Medical և Dental Council was not aware of this person գործունեության his activities, as he had not given such instructions.“Dr. Obeng said, ‘After all, the alleged arrest never took place.’

At the same time, 90-day groom Fans want to know how this love triangle between Angela and Michael և Dr. Obeng develops during the show. It is easy to see that Michael and Angela are still together, that she is annoying her husband by using Dr. Obeng’s name. All in all, Angela blinking is proof enough that she loves her new body. It makes sense for Angela to thank Dr. Obeng for the chest she is proud of, even though she was unhappy with the reduction. show:

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Source: Business Insider Africa, CheatSheet, Pulse

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