After weight loss surgery, Angela Dim admired Instagram with her stylish outfit and accessories. She has so much fun with fashion.

From Angela Dim 90 days groom She’s going to lose 100 pounds և We’re going to talk about the fun fashion she’s been wearing since she lost weight. Michael Ilesanmi’s wife’s weight loss has changed the look of her body, as well as her face and neck. To most fans, she appears to be surprisingly thin, but she is also surprisingly stylish. After gaining 25 pounds during her last visit to Nigeria, Angela weighed 273.5 pounds. At age 55, she decided to have surgery to lose weight. The results after the reduction of the stomach, liposuction and chest are astonishing. Angela is probably trying to look younger for 32-year-old Michael.

After Angela married Michael AYA:, he returned to America. Angela noticed weight gain, which affected her breathing and general health. Fearing serious health problems, Angela decided to undergo weight loss surgery. He might have wanted to impress Michael with his fresh look when he arrived in the United States. He has cheated in the past, it has upset him. Whether Michael was not interested in Angela during his new risky surgery, he did a really wonderful transformation. She left her old clothes to reveal her slimmer figure.

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Within a month of her surgery, as shown in the picture 90 days groom, Angela (@ deemangela on Instagram) found out that she lost 40 kilograms. In December 2020, Angela shocked her fans by putting on her Christmas look. He was celebrating the holiday with his daughter, Skyla Ray, and his six grandchildren. With the start of the glamorous haircut on the side, Angela seemed to be following a new make-up routine. She looked gorgeous in a shiny gold outfit, which she wore with gold necklaces and heels with matching tops. Take a look at her beautiful appearance below.

In February 2021, fans saw Angela’s new body after the expected weight loss surgery. The sharp difference in Angela’s appearance was evident when @ 90daythemelanatedway shared a photo of Meemaw with several fans. She was wearing a lively, full maxi dress with a hat. She also styled her bleached blond hair with a beautiful side parting. The brightness was immediately noticed by Angela’s fans. They noticed the results of breast augmentation by Dr. Michael. K. Obeng. Look at his appearance below.

Meet the new Angela,“A headline from an article about Angela finally showed off her stunning weight loss, as posted on her Instagram. Fans compared him to his mother June Un Shannon, who stunned fans with her sudden revelation of weight. In the photo shoot, Angela wore a comfortable blue color. Jeans, pumps and a bright blue shirt that was so flattering to her radiant skin. See her beautiful photo below.

On Mother’s Day, Angela was emotional when she remembered her late mother, Glenda Sturridge. Glenda sadly died a few days after Angela married Michael. As Angela shared her grandchildren’s foot massage programs with beautiful gifts, she showed off her full legs in a tight little dress. Angela’s hair looked better than ever on Ariana Grande’s ponytail! The: 90 days groom The star smiled happily. He seemed very happy to be thinner, everyone was dressed. Look at his appearance below.

Angela Dima Mothers Day Weight Loss on Instagram in 90 Day Engagement

The fans were shocked to see Angela smoking, despite the recent “smoking cessation” hypnosis in New York, they could not help but notice her comfortable outfit. Angela was photographed with NYPD staff after the shooting 90 days groom. Happy after all! Tell-All և model next to a police car. She was wearing a cascading asymmetrical dress on a bright blue tank top. This look is presented below.

Angela Dim tells New York fashion weight loss to everyone in a 90-day engagement

However, Angela did not manage to impress everyone 90 days groom still viewers: Some people think that weight loss and smoking have had a huge impact on him. Fans also noticed Angela in more casual clothes, looking a little less stretched. However, Angela is used to haters, she inspires confidence. Most fans agree that she looks happier than ever after losing weight.

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