Angela Dim was blown up by the fans of the 90 Day engagement. Grandma continues to be called out for outright lies about her procedures.

While Angela Dimi’s shocking misbehavior during 90 days groom. Happy when? Season 6 Episode 1 continues to be criticized by viewers, and patent fans are calling Angela for her backward hypocrisy. Grandma’s weight loss procedures were at the center of her storyline, she was not ashamed to tell her new figure in Tell-All. However, fans are disappointed that Angela continues to claim that her weight loss նվազ breast reduction procedures have helped her breathe because 90 days groom the star continues to smoke.

Angela has been at the center of the Tell-All drama as she infamously put her breasts in front of the cameras during a fall during her relationship with her husband Michael. While Michael is staying in Nigeria, waiting for the news of his American visa, his relationship with Angela has reached a turning point. Angela continued her surgeries without her husband’s permission, which led to her not supporting him. Meanwhile, significantly younger Michael և and his family are unhappy that Angela has given birth to a husband, despite the apparent age of infertility. To add to the money, Angela’s potentially romantic relationship with her doctor, Dr. Obeng, was revealed, which ignored Michael.

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Angela has been angered by viewers for her lewd behavior and verbal abuse of her husband, but many fans have been disappointed by her claims about her health. One of the viewers called him on Reddit. “Angela kept screaming that she had weight loss surgery because she was having trouble breathing … It never occurred to me to stop the penetration of cigarette smoke into the respiratory tract (lungs) 10,000 times a day, huh?“Before emphasizing that his weight loss procedures were futile projects, the fan asked,” It is not intended for his health. Many viewers have been expressing such feelings for weeks, as Angela’s path to losing weight has alienated fans. Happy after all! And even 90 days groom privilege in general.

Angela’s search for a younger look was labeled as a diversion from the franchise’s initial focus on the K-1 visa process. Similarly, his flawed reasoning has been removed. “Her initial reason for the operation was to look sexy to Michael. Here is what he told her. After consulting with doctors, he learned that it would help him breathe. That became his new reason,“A fan wrote before saying that”fame went to him.“Many viewers agree that Angela is in love with attention, she probably wants to secure her spin-off show. Grandma has achieved her goal of losing weight, many fans do not believe that it has improved her appearance or made any changes. an ugly person he shows on TV.

Due to the chaotic marriage, TV viewers encouraged Michael to leave Angela. The Nigerian man even told his wife to marry Dr. Obeng because he was so obviously in love with his doctor. Angela has become a huge privilege villain for many reasons, but viewers are mostly angry with the way she treats her husband. Angela tried to break her husband’s phone to get him back, often verbally insulting her, blaming her for her problems. Fans of the franchisor find it clear that Angela is an unhealthy husband, “Michael should follow her” 90 days groom. Happy when? Following in the footsteps of Co-Chair Mike Youngquist լինել Pursuing Divorce

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