Julia Trubkina used to consider plastic surgery lazy. Now, fans of the 90 Day Fiancee are calling her to promote other fast weight loss methods.

Julia Ulya Trubkina earned her place in the United States 90 day groom Privilege as a juvenile delinquent և TV viewers are now calling Brandon Gibbs’s wife to promote a counterfeit weight loss product. Julia Ulia made it very clear to the audience where she stands on fast weight loss techniques such as plastic surgery. Therefore, viewers find 90 days groom. Happy when? and Pillow talk The star will be hypocritical to promote products with smooth vitamins in the stomach.

Many 90 day groom Fans consider Season 8 the story of the origins of the villain Jul Julia. Julia’s actress Rebecca Parrot preferred to have weight loss surgery, and Julia’s friend Yara aya aya said she had nose surgery. Yara defended women’s rights in plastic surgery, but the animated Jul Ulia blew up women as “lazy“To have surgery for a thin face. Julia said people, especially young people, should go to a fitness club to change their appearance. As a former bodybuilder: dancer, Jul ulia has a lot of training experience. That’s why viewers are so confused that he has started promoting dubious weight loss products.

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Reddit user U / blackmagikmike recently shared one of Julia’s Julia’s Instagram posts, where she ենդ Brandon is featured in an ad sponsored by Flat Tummy Co.Do not go to the gym, just go to BoomBod“The user captioned a post in which Julia Ulia was promoting apple cider vinegar paste.Congratulations to Brandon և Jul ul Julia on being selected for the 90th billionth couple to hit the snake oil, which is BoomBod.“One of the commentators called him a “Hypocrite“, Wrote the commentator, and another fan noted that Julia և Brandon gets a lot of spots for their promotion.

In addition to ridiculing Julia for her hypocritical stance on weight loss, Brandon was also called upon for her promising stance, which fans say was involuntarily uncomfortable. “It seems that Brandon was at some of his parents’ parties …The commenter joked. Others said the couple had been sold, like many others 90 days groom They performed the cast in front of them. ” “No other pair. Angela is pushing for weight loss, even though we have all seen her surgery. Apparently, Nicole անի Daniela has been doing it for years, they still look the same. Ex-post photos are funny.“Another commenter wrote. Flat Tummy Co.’s credibility has been seriously questioned, prompting viewers to criticize Brandon և Julia for advertising a potential fraudulent product.

Unfortunately, many real stars seem to start selling products to their growing followers without doing much research. Friend: 90 days groom Franchise star Molly Hopkins has been accused of promoting a shadow company. The owner of the authorized business has infuriated the fans by promoting Plexus products, as many fans think that they are fraudulent products that are sold within the framework of the pyramid scheme. Viewers are disappointed to see that Brandon and Julia will be next 90 day groom stars to advertise suspicious products to their followers.

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Source: Yulia Trubkina / Instagram, u / blackmagikmike / Reddit

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