Julia Ulya Trubkina and her 90-day-old fiancée Angela Dim were spotted by fans predicting a fight in the upcoming Tell-All.

Russian girl Julia Trubkina 90 days groom. Happy after all! he found his mother Angela Dim. Angela has been called a bully who, in the past, has dealt a severe blow to her stars, even to their families. 90 days groom Say everything. However, since losing weight, Angela has shown a dramatic change in her figure and personality. Angela rubs her elbows with everyone from Tiffany Franco to Debbie Johnson Onson. However, fans suspect that Angela Brandon, along with Julia Gibbs’s wife, Julia, applied to the cast after several TLC viewers asked her to cancel the show.

Season 6 90 days groom. Happy when? Angela underwent weight loss and plastic surgery as she celebrated her make-up online. The idea that Michael was always against having surgery, while Angela was partying while waiting for his visa in Nigeria, made fans call him a hypocrite. Meanwhile, during the show, Angela’s pranks continued to become more and more poisonous, with her anger towards Mikael, which was noticeable through the angry abuse addressed to her. Fans wondered if Angela would continue her streak in Tell-All, if Julia would be her next target. Back Jul Julia believed more in losing weight by visiting “Gym club“And Angela was having plastic surgery, a fight was predicted, until the former dancer called Memo.”mom»

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In Julia Trubkina’s new Instagram post, she can be seen posing as Angela throwing peace signs at Danny on camera. Angela kept Julia Julia in a motherly style 90 days groom The stars looked really happy because he called her “naive child.“Julia wrote in her title:As everyone already understands, I do not depend on the opinions of others, I always have my own opinion. ” Julia, who also looked gorgeous in her breakfast style, said she adored Angela, her “90DayFiancé mom“and that”Something interesting will come soon (not a child).»

However, in the comments, the fans did not appreciate Jul Julia supporting Angela after what happened 90 days groom. Happy when? Season 6. Julia’s follower asked him if he also adored Angela’s attitude towards Mikael, constantly beating him. Angela’s double standards were called for, and Julia was also tried for being a model, as fans called her.the poorest choice… “However, the photos were praised by the constellations of Julia և Angela, including Annie, who called them”Queens. “

Fans first saw Angela’s friendship between “Julia and Julia” develop when she was in Russia, and the monkey sent her a secret gift to his apartment. «Thank you so much for the gift, I love it,“Julian told Angela about Brandon’s mail through IG. At the same time, Angela was seen commenting on Libby Potthast’s IG post, asking her “check your dm plz… »Libya has left Angela unread or is she going to meet Julia soon, it is unknown. But it is possible that the tricks that Angela seeks 90 days groom. Happy when? can just be created for television.

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