Michael Ilesanmi makes shocking claims about how Angela Dim looks after her weight loss surgery: “90 days of groom. Happy when after “episode.

90 days groom “Fans have rejected Angela Dim’s weight loss surgery, calling her old-fashioned, but her Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi, now says she looks good.”young“և”beautiful“Because of his transformation 90 days groom. Happy after all!“Michael was at the end of Angela’s aggressive mockery of constant ridicule, with fans urging her to consider a divorce on the basis of violence. Angela claims that Michael did not support her in her actions, there may be something significant. Episode 11 showed that he was not worried about his threats, which was also praised by TLC viewers.

Angela claimed to have been committed to changing her habits and lifestyle to help her lose weight, but found a way to blame 90 days groomIt was Michael when he just could not quit smoking. Smoking a pack a day caused Angela an ulcer that kept her wearing a mask, and somehow Michael was the cause of her stress. It is strange that Michael was not born when Angela started smoking more than 40 years ago, he was still seeking a divorce after the unsupported Michael did not give in to the idea of ​​cyber communicating with him. At the same time, Angela was considered an evil և for her constant verbal attacks on Michael, և fans concluded that the weight loss surgery gave her the appearance of a skeleton, thus not being able to quit smoking.

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According to the preview 90 days groom. Happy after all! Episode 12 is posted ET:, Michael now sings another tune after spending half AYA: Season 6, Opposing Angela Surgery. Michael, who is still in Nigeria, is shown in a video call with Angela, saying that he “Sorry“She could not be in America for surgery. «Michael continues to act as if I had some choice to have surgery. It is not so: This is about my health,Angela tells the cameras, explains to Michael that it was harder for her to breathe through her breasts, that she was gaining weight for unknown reasons. 90 days groom Angela, a cast member, also asks Michael:step by plateOr they will have to separate.

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«We are not divided“, – claims Michael. Then Angela wants to know what she will do if she undergoes another procedure, such as skin surgery or facelift, which she was thinking about. «It’s hard for me to understand all this over the phone“- claims Michael, who notes that”living togetherEverything would be better with Angela. But Angela wants someone to tell her that she “You do a good job, keep it up baby“Because he successfully lost 70 kilograms before the phone call due to surgery. Heiselhurst’s native admits that when he goes to the store to buy groceries, he is told:Damn, you look beautiful,And the jealous Mikael answers.It is better for them to close their eyes, because you are mine.“When? 90 days groomAngela jokes that her husband’s eyes are closed, Michael compliments her, saying that after the operation Angela “much more better,»Before addinghealthy և young, sexy և beautiful for me.»

The: 90 days groom husband now blames himself for causing Angela “all the pain he had experienced“And he feels”bad about it.According to Michael, he has now finished his “putting”foot as an AfricanAnd he wants to make peace again with his famous wife, Angela. Fans just have to wait and see if this is a turning point for the better 90 days groom couple relationship.

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