Lately a few 90 day groom The cast is called to Instagram to confirm suspicious products և gifts. 90 days groom He often makes his stars household names, so these familiar faces also enjoy the reputation of social networks. Some of the big names in the franchise, such as Darcy Silva, Lauren Brovarnick and Paola Mayfield, each have more than a million followers. This means that brands are approaching them. Companies want them to sell their products. However, things go awry when fans believe that the stars of this reality show are promoting weight loss products or contests that they consider to be contrived scams.

Famous stars 90 days groom They are very recognizable to the fans who see them every day on their TVs or phone screens. So when the stars put “before և afterPictures that do not seem to make much difference are immediately ridiculed. Many scenarios are present now 90DF: The cast undergoes plastic surgery or other beauty treatments to improve their appearance and / or health. When celebrities claim that pills and teas work wonders for them, some fans find them unpleasant.

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Fans continue to look forward to each new Instagram update from their new franchise stars. When a post is an open advertisement, followers express their frustration in the comments. However, this is the one that really gets the most feedback 90DF: Reality stars make shillings that look shady or give cash through Instagram followers.

Angela Dim

Angela Dim Michael Tel-All in a 90-day engagement

The whole script for Angela 90 days groom. Happy after all! Season 6 was about having five surgeries a day (և her husband, Michael, objected). It turned out that liposuction, gastric bypass procedure and breast reduction worked for Angela, who has now lost a total weight of 90 pounds. However, Angela, who was previously 22 years old (now she is 11), still continues to lose weight on Instagram. Many of Angela’s advertisements contain comments accusing her of fake advertising, usually because critics know she fell under the knife to change her appearance.

Interestingly, Hazlehurst, GA resident Angela said:I tried dieting, I tried fat burning pills, but none of them worked“during AYA: premiere. This statement made his ad look more fake. In the past, it also greatly contributed to the slimming drink along with the hair straightener. Fans thought that the hair conditioner made Angela’s hair look unhealthy.

Nicole Nafziger

Nicole Nafziger confirmed that they did not divorce Azan in their 90-day engagement

Ange Angela Both Angela and Nicole have long been involved in the advertising business. Nicole was brutally ashamed of losing weight during the show by her ex-fiancé Azan Tefu. In 2017, she lost 13 kilograms following the Keto diet. However, fans say they have not noticed any drastic changes in Nicole’s weight since then. They do not see a transformation, although Nicole “DietBet:“And on the topic of weight loss”7-day challenge.“It is debatable if Nicole was able to become a follower customer, especially since she was called to post a short page on Instagram. One example was spreading false rumors 90 days groom Fake bottle pregnancy.

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Yulia Trubkina

Julia Trubkina 90 Day engagement was divorced

Former bodybuilder Julia Ulia has often impressed her Instagram fans with her photos of weightlifting days. Always someone who offers to go “Gym Club:For plastic surgery, Jul Ulia broke his head with Yara aya aya for his judgmental beliefs. In fact, Julia Julia recently announced that she will be launching her own fitness program. He will offer 30 minutes of individual training for $ 40 each. However, fans who applauded Julia Julia’s commitment to fitness were disappointed when she posed for a photo with Brandon on Instagram as she tried to sell apple cider vinegar paste. Julia լի her husband was called “liars»By patent fans. These followers concluded that the Russian woman was a hypocrite.

Yara aya aya

yara zaya 90 Day engaged:

One of the most stylish և matches 90 days groom The stars are Yara, according to his fans. Her husband, Ov Dufren, has revealed the secret of Yara’s postpartum body. The head of ROV, Jovi, stated that Yara runs a lot in order to maintain his figure. Now the New Orleans couple is pursuing a new hobby. They run with Mila, who is relaxing in a stroller. Yara, who admits that she trains in the gym for two or three hours a day, despite her busy schedule, also jumped on diet paste. Fans told Yara that the candles were worthless, but they were really happy that Mylah’s mother was paid for the ads.

Natalie Mordovtsa

Natalie Mordovtsya 90 days in the life of a single fiancé

While Natalie was living her best single life in Florida after leaving Mike Youngquist, she was also earning money by promoting sketch gifts. During her first donation, Natalie showed “beautiful, original“Gucci bag և iPhone 12 (according to his IG Story), because he promised his followers that it”the real deal.“All Natalie’s followers had to do was follow all the profiles on the page she tagged. Then they would have the opportunity to win the product և personal «congratulations»From the famous reality star.

Tiffany Franco Smith

When is Tiffany Ronald's divorce happy after 90 days of engagement?

90 days groom. Happy when? “Tiffany, who underwent surgery to lose weight in July, is also announcing a Gucci bag և $ 12 iPhone 12 gift.”Access is so easy. It will take you 15 seconds,– Tiffany, an experienced and talented make-up specialist, wrote in her caption. «Too much spam?“, – posted a fan in the comments. Similarly, Tiffany’s next post was about tea powder, about which a fan wrote:What you found was a way to make weight loss surgery a free և fake product. Shame on you.“Various fans accused Tiffany of wanting”a Kardashian… »

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Tiffany recently revealed that she has lost more than 15 kilograms in a few months. So when Tiffany advertised apple cider vinegar, a fan accused her of “They try to capitalize on a product that has nothing to doWith her weight loss. ” Tiffany then replied that she had never claimed in her signature that the product was related to her weight loss. He added.I said I get the same benefits as I could with apple cider vinegar, you’s okay.»

Darcy Silva

Darcy & Stacey in a 90-day engagement 2:

Contradictory 90 days groom star Darcy is the latest franchise star to be convicted of promoting a dubious method of weight loss. The current season of Darcy Darcy թե Stacey shows that he is visiting Turkey to undergo plastic surgery, so it was an irony to tempt that product on Instagram. Darcy’s comments are generally full of fans who criticize her choice of surgery, but she advertises a product that is often criticized on the Internet. Some agreed that Darsi “to deceive people“with”fake advertising.“One fan commented.It is not right to wear shorter pants “before or after”.‘”According to 90 days groom viewers, Darcy lost all credibility when he confirmed “laxative tea.“They accused him of doing something for money.


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