Angela Dim looks stunning with her slim figure. However, there are some good reasons why she may eventually regret her weight loss surgery.

Many 90 days groom. Happy after all! TV viewers watch Angela Dim’s weight loss journey during the show. She is very excited to look like a diva after the operation. However, there are several reasons why she may regret performing these procedures on her body in the future. Angela first talked about losing weight during the fifth season When is it happy? After telling everything : found out that he gained 20 kg at home while in quarantine. The 55-year-old monkey said he would have a heart attack if he did not have surgery. Her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, was completely opposed to the operation, but Angela did not deviate. She went to a well-known plastic surgeon in Burley Hills, got a stomach lump, and a breast reduction and augmentation.

Many 90 days groom The fans were disappointed to see that Angela failed to follow the instructions before the life-threatening procedures. Although doctors told him that smoking could be dangerous before surgery, he did not hear and smoked a lot of cigarettes in the days before the procedure. This is one of the main reasons why Angela may regret her weight loss surgery. It is assumed that the patient quits smoking forever և chooses a healthier lifestyle if he wants to see positive results in their body. Reports indicate that smoking after weight loss surgery may increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Although Angela looks stunning in her latest photos with her slimmer figure, however, in the long run she can have negative consequences if she does not quit smoking.

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Someone needs a lot of emotional support before a major surgery, and Angela had two. However, it seems that Angela’s husband does not give her the emotional support she needs. In the last few episodes of 90 days groom. Happiness when?“Michael was more concerned about his wife ‘s breast size than her general health. It was quite disturbing to watch her talk to plastic surgeon Michael Obeng about Angela’s breast size. The doctor even pointed it out, telling the cameras that Michael should fall in love with Angela’s personality, not her physical features, which have now changed dramatically. The: 90 days groom The star lost a lot of weight from her breast, as the doctor removed two kilograms of weight from each breast. Whether Angela can breathe well, her husband finds it difficult to accept her new chest. It can have a profound effect on his mental health, which can eventually lead to stress and possible overeating.

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Many 90 days groom Fans know that Angela is stubborn, she may not be able to follow the diet recommended by her doctors. Fans are skeptical that he will keep the weight. Angela definitely enjoys her junk food, it will be difficult for her to change her mindset, to move to a healthy lifestyle. Reports indicate that although the patient has undergone weight loss surgery, they are still limited to the foods they can eat ( Barilif): Angela had to control her portion of food ուցե she might have to avoid sweets և carbonated drinks altogether. Given his careless, irresponsible attitude, it seems that he may not follow a healthy diet, become oversaturated, and regain his old weight regimen.

It seems that Angela has already started to feel the shortcomings of weight loss surgery. She worries that she is losing weight fast, it weakens the skin, especially the fat under the chin. She does not want to meet Michael while having him “turkey goblet“Now he wants a face lift, which requires him to quit smoking four weeks before the operation. Her new doctor canceled her facial surgery when she learned that Angela was smoking. He threatened her with a $ 1,500 fine if she smoked again. Recent pictures show that Angela still has a turkey bite. In general, Angela’s surgeries may not be enough to give her the desired new look, especially if she can not combine them with a healthy lifestyle.

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