90 Day Fiancé Tiffany recently underwent weight loss surgery for health reasons. Now he shares his experience of how much he lost in two weeks.

Tiffany Franco shook 90 days Groom: TV viewers discovered that he had recently undergone surgery, losing about 15 kg in the week and a half after the operation. Many fans are surprised to see that many TLC stars have recently opted for weight loss surgery. Currently, 90 days groomAngela Dim presents her journey to lose weight Happy after all! Season 6. She underwent two life-threatening surgeries in one day: stomach augmentation, breast reduction and augmentation. He underwent surgery almost a year ago and lost more than 100 kilograms.

The 55-year-old mouse is now showing his slender and glamorous appearance on social networks. While Angela is quite happy and satisfied with the results, many fans think that she has started to look bigger than she really is. Her skin is weakening, she can not do facelift without quitting smoking for four weeks. His latest pictures suggest that he still has a turkey bite under his chin. But that did not stop him 90 days groomAngela enjoying her new sexy: slim figure.

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Tiffany seems to have been inspired by Angela to vaccinate herself for stomach surgery. On her way to the hospital, Tiffany posted a video on Instagram saying she was going to have surgery. Now she is ready to talk in more detail about her weight loss surgery. Tiffany did not want to look thin or sexy, but she wanted to lose weight for health reasons. He said doctors had cut 70% of his stomach from the inside. It was a quick operation, but the hardest part was getting IVVs. She was scared of needles, so it was a shame for her to cry like a child in front of nurses trying to inject IVs into her veins.

He is now on a liquid diet, taking his multivitamins, but has difficulty drinking water. 90 days groomTiffany, who is most loved for her radiant appearance, has not lost weight in the last three days. But he understands that he should not weigh himself every day, because it is not good for his mental health. He did not feel any pain during the operation, except when he woke up and felt chest pain due to gas. In the future, she will talk about how much she used to weigh and how much she lost after surgery. The fan responded “Good for you. If I had cash flow, I would do the same.“Another fan said.”You are beautiful: I hope you reach your goal.

It is not convenient for Tiffany to share her weight at this time. Unlike Angela’s husband, Michael, Tiffany’s husband, Ronald Smith, was emotionally supportive. He briefly appeared on Tiffany’s Instagram Live and hinted that he was still in South Africa. A few days ago, Rebecca Parrot also showed her stark difference before the weight loss pictures. The: 90 days Groom: star handed Sono Bello TriSculpt EX to remove excess fat from the lower abdomen.

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