Dr. Clinton of CR Hall, who leads the bariatric surgery program at Winter Haven Hospital, shows how the stomach divides during a gastrectomy.  His explanation to patients includes a discussion of changes in blood sugar և the hunger hormone that affects ghrelin.

The number of hospital-related bariatric surgery programs has tripled in the last nine months.

Florida’s AdventHealth Heart, which has been offering surgery in Danport for several years, is competing in a new competition.

The Lakeland Regional Health Department announced in January that it was opening its own institute of metabolic և bariatric surgery և medicine, hiring an additional bariatric surgeon and liaising with primary care physicians.

Calmer but with equal determination, Dr. Cre Hall arrived at the Gessler Clinic in July to develop a bariatric surgery program at Winter Haven Hospital.

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery. It reduces the volume of the stomach և, consequently, how much food it can hold.

There are also changes in the body’s metabolism, chemical reactions, and how cells convert food into energy.

The surgical side strives to pay maximum attention.

For a successful program to be successful, however, it takes more than a surgeon.