Dr. Dmitro Havaleshko mentions the 1000 robotic surgeries at Wentworth-Douglas.  Dr.

The doctor mentions the guideline for 1000 robotic surgeries in Wentworth-Douglass

DOVER – When D. Nearly four years later, Wentworth-Douglas is now home to the most advanced coastal bariatric surgery program, and Dr. Havaleshko has had a major milestone.

“I’m incredibly pleased with how we created this program here. “It’s great to have 1,000 successful jobs, it gives you confidence that you probably know what you’re doing,” Havaleshko said. “Our goal is to continue to help as many people as possible.”

Havaleshko reached his milestone in early November by performing a thin gastrectomy on a patient suffering from a number of concomitant weight-related diseases. With the Wentworth-Douglass Bariatric Program, such patients can expect to lose about 80-85% of their excess body weight in one year, changing their lives.