When his colleagues started challenging him to walk, Roxanne Mullenberg decided to take part. At the time, it seemed that the medicine for his insufficient thyroid gland was finally working properly, he wanted to develop healthy behavior while trying to lose weight. He weighed in at 8 358 when he launched the Steps Challenge in February 2020.

“I have tried many different things to improve my habits,” Mullenberg, 42, an assistant program vice president at Fargo Bank in North Dakota, told TODAY. “I was like, ‘This is going to be great for me.’ I will start doing that. It will give me another motivation, another challenge – accountability. “

Roxanne Mullenberg joined the work challenges to become more active and changed her eating habits. His goal was to drop the size of a few pants. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

Mulenberg has always been heavier in his life, he became more active as he got older, he became fatter. Her doctor then diagnosed her with an overactive thyroid gland, which can make it difficult to lose weight without treatment. It took time for the doctor to determine the right dose before the doctor gave him medication.

“When the thyroid gland decided it didn’t want to work properly, then I probably started to gain more,” he said. “But not understanding why I win.”

One month after the move, COVID-19 caused the country to close, and its life changed dramatically. Suddenly Müllenberg was working from home helping her son, 11-year-old Ryan, at home school. After that, the physical exercises allowed him to reflect, and he found himself walking even further.

“The kisses were very good mental pause և relieving stress,” he said. “There was a physical and a mental benefit to doing both kisses, which was very good. “Then I would take my baby out. Obviously we would both have these fun adventures walking through the parks.”

Before she started walking to feel better, Roxanne Müllenberg found that walking four miles a day during an epidemic also helped her cope with stress. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

Müllenberg walked three miles, but soon made it to four. As he began to feel better with increased activity, he noticed that he was not losing weight, so he decided to study his eating habits. She joined Profile by Sanford, an eating program that starts with shaking substitutes for some foods, focusing on lean protein, then vegetables and fruits and starch.

“I was skeptical about joining because I knew there were shocks,” he said. “I had concussions years ago, trying to lose weight; I never felt satisfied, I never felt full, I actually gained weight.”

But some of his colleagues tried the program and lost weight.

“The ultimate goal is to get all the food back by simply changing your habits over time,” Mulenberg explained. “I was like. Well, that’s not that bad. I can try to see how it happens. ”

While Roxanne Mullenberg was hesitant to try a weight loss diet plan that included concussions, she thought it might help her lose weight. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

She lost 11 pounds in her first week.

“I could definitely see the difference. I knew for sure that it worked, which was quite exciting,” he said.

At first he had concussions for breakfast, lunch, protein bars for starters, lean protein for dinner, vegetables. Now she has only a shake for breakfast, two protein bars for snacks, and lunch-dinner includes lean protein են vegetables.

“I now add fruit when I can have breakfast, and in the evening I add starch for lunch and dinner,” he said.

Mullenberg usually walks for 40 minutes during lunch and then walks in the evening with Ryan, whom he adopted seven years ago after his sister died. He has lost 149.5 pounds since last year

“I am more like myself. “I have more energy, I trust myself again, I am generally like myself,” he said.

After losing 149 pounds, Roxanne Mullenberg feels more energetic and confident. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

During his experience, Mullenberg learned more about himself.

“I’m probably always deceived myself by not getting everything out of things before,” he said. “When I think of something, I can definitely do it.”

She shares some tips for others, hoping to adopt healthier habits.

1. “Do something” for yourself.

Many people consider exercise և healthy eating as an unpleasant problem. But it really is a way to show you a little love.

“I am one of those people who did not really take much time for me. “I always did things for others,” he said. “One of the biggest things for me is to just stop and say, ‘I can too, I have to do something for myself.'”

Being more active allowed Roxanne Mullenberg to connect with her 11-year-old son Ryan as they went for a walk with the family. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

2. “Changing your mindset.”

Changing eating and exercise habits can be overwhelming, and it can be frustrating for some. For example, when it came to adding vegetables to his diet, Mallenberg tried to think of different ways to make something like radish that tasted good and stimulated his creativity.

“It just changes your mindset; it’s good, it’s open to trying new things,” he said. “You just want to be creative.”

3. Set goals that make sense to you.

When Müllenberg began to lose weight, he did not even have a target weight in mind.

“I said, ‘My goal is to get a little bigger, to feel better,'” he said. “It was my goal 100%, it still remains. It would never be about a scale number. “I just wanted to feel better, to fit those pants.”

Roxanne Mullenberg is proud to have lost weight by moving more and learning better eating habits. Sincerely, Roxanne Mullenberg

And, he decided to listen to his body during weight loss.

“I just understand where my body wants to go,” he said. “If my body were to rise to where I am now, I would be really happy with it.”