Decades have passed, but Dan Marino still can not walk on the street without listening. “Laces out!”

This is one of the most famous lines in his stellar cycle Ace Ventura. Animal Scout. And although the movie premiered in 1994, fans are still shouting it nine times at the Pro Bowl defender.

“It’s fun. I enjoy it,” the NFL Hall of Fame said of longtime fans of the film.

But the people who make parrots Ace The quotes from the Hall of Fame are not for other children, they are over 30 or more. Marino is also no longer the 33-year-old defender of the long-time playoff candidate. The legend of the dolphins is now 60 years old. And instead of collecting eye-catching statistics online (even in today’s much happier league, Marino continues to be in the top 10 of all time), he is an ordinary guy who deals with the same issues as many other Americans. Men: Knee pain և Epidemic weight gain.

According to statistics, Americans save about two pounds a month when ordering accommodation due to COVID-19. Journal of the American Medical Association report:. For people who have been less active for a year, it could mean between 20 and 25 pounds, the amount that Marino added during that time. But it was not just about sheltering on the spot. The former CB he replaced his two knees last year in an attempt to help with the pain that has plagued him since his playing days. Recovering from these surgeries meant less time to be active and extra weight.

Dan Marino

You do not have to have transferred 8300 NFL to feel such pain. According to some old statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five Americans suffers from knee pain. only low back pain is more common. And replacements, like Marino, are becoming more common. The government’s Health Research Quality Agency says knee replacements doubled between 2002 and 2012, with 40 percent of those surgeries performed on people aged 45 to 64 in 2015.

So you may not have a bust in Canton, but you may be at risk for the same diseases that affect Marino. Here’s how he struggles,: how you can use his tips to strengthen your knees և reduce the risk of further surgery.

Lose weight

Losing weight can reduce your pain: slow down knee damage. A 2015 study of 506 obese people found that losing 10 percent or more of their body weight significantly reduced the amount of cartilage lost in their knees.

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It makes sense. The more weight you carry, the heavier your knee becomes with each step. And with the extra 20 pounds he gained after recovering from two knee surgeries, being less active and more inclined to drink one or two plates of pasta, Marino knew he would feel the effects.

“It basically starts. “You start to lose weight, you see progress, you want to lose more,” he says. It meant getting off the couch to get active again, walking more, cycling or working out in the pool. And returning to his one-hour morning training session with Terry Kirby, a former dolphin team member of the Dolphins who has been Marino’s coach for many years.

That meant he ate right. Previously, Marino lost weight with Nutrisystem, acted as a spokesperson, and this year returned to the diet to get rid of his epidemic weight.

Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders

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“It simplifies, they just send it to your house,” he says. The products that are now being shipped have larger portions than during his previous visits to the company, but he says they still helped him lose weight. “They have new foods – burritos, soups, pasta, I have always liked that.”

Do not miss the day of the leg, but it does not have to be heavy

“As a player in the 1980s and ’90s, Marino says that quarter-defenders basically did the same training as players in other positions, only lightly.”

“We did a lot of the same things. “A lot of bench presses, I did not lift so hard,” he says.

His training has evolved over the decades. Today, Kirby արին Marino focuses on keeping his knees healthy by strengthening the squares, including training to limit blood flow in a rehabilitation facility.

Performing this type of exercise, where blood flow is restricted by a cuff around the leg, helped participants in the 2017 study reduce knee pain more while lifting less. – Rep max had more pain relief in eight weeks than those who performed their maximum 70% without restrictions.

The problem? It is difficult to perform blood flow restriction training properly without specialized equipment. But Marino is working with Kirby, strengthening his squares with squats, you can alleviate knee pain with lower-intensity work.

When Wake Foresthad scientists performed six low- or high-intensity exercises for people with knee pain over 18 months, those who performed the movements at a maximum of 30-40 percent of one repetition in three sets of 15 repetitions had a similar decrease. in the case of knee pain, such as those who used a maximum of 80-90 percent of their repetitions for 4 to 8 repetitive sets.

The movements they used were hip abduction, thigh ironing, leg twisting, leg compression, leg extension, and sitting calf raising.

Miami Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino is getting ready

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Kirby’s four-point protocol with Marino also changes some of the force work with a stationary bike over time. And science proves it in case of knee pain. In a research review earlier this year, scientists found that a stationary bike was effective in relieving knee pain.

In a 2012 study, participants with mild to moderate knee pain who took 40-60 minutes of stationary bike classes twice a week significantly reduced their pain after 12 weeks.

So, jump on the bike two sessions a week. And you do not have to do everything. Participants in the study classes increased their heart rate to an average of 70-75%.

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