Dr. Elizabeth Alexandra ub Ubovich, certified in General Surgery, performed the first bariatric surgery on October 17 at Fauquier Hospital. Soon երկու these two patients are queuing up for surgery, և almost 200 people have completed online assessments և expressed interest in learning. more:

Louise Poston, ub ubovich’s first Warrenton patient, is recovering well. He easily adapts to eating much less while sitting, and his stomach heals well. He said. “Your body will let you know if you are overweight. And I have a team that will help me if I have a problem. ”

The 52-year-old Middelburg resident said she was about to lose about 100 pounds, the weight she gained when her daughter was born 11 years ago.

Dr. Elizabeth Alexandra ub ubovich, bariatric surgeon

For years, Poston has suffered from many orthopedic problems. He underwent four surgeries to replace his back, two necks and knees. “I walk with the equipment,” he confessed.

Poston said that he really struggled for the last five years, he could not lose weight. He hopes that when he loses weight, he will get rid of orthopedic problems.

She said her daughter was delighted that her mother would be able to be more active. “It keeps me from doing things with my family. It is enough to oppress someone. ”

Poston said he was thankful UB Ubovich landed in Warranton. “Until now, if people needed such an operation, they would have to go to the city,” he said. “Dr. Ub Ubovich is a great doctor, he has a good heart.”

Ub Ubovich, with Farr, Wampler, Dougherty, Brown & Zubowicz, general practitioners at 432 Hospital Drive, Warrenton, has worked in bariatrics for 10 years, most recently at MedStar Washington Hospital in Washington. He now leads the newly developed Fauquier team. Weight Loss Center, located at 253 Veterans Drive, Suite 205, Warranton.

He said that about 80 percent of his bariatric surgeries are known as tui surgery. The procedure removes about 80 percent of the stomach, leaving an i-shaped organ. TB surgery effectively limits the amount of food a person can eat at a time, said Ub Ubovich. It is a permanent solution, although the surgeon said that the stomach stretches a little over time.

T surgery is described as minimally invasive; Four incisions (less than one centimeter each) are made in the upper abdomen. The operation itself is performed laparoscopically. “Patients can feel something like a bad heartburn for about 48 hours. There is some swelling.”

“In the first few weeks, a patient can lose 10 to 20 pounds,” said Ub Ubovich. “It depends on how much you lose.” He said he has worked with 1000 1,000 patients who have lost 30 to 40 pounds in the first few weeks.

Those who have less to lose will lose weight more slowly. On average, he said, patients lose 60-70 percent of their excess weight in the first year, and 80 percent of patients maintain weight for more than five years.

He added. Patients who have undergone weight loss surgery have found that it helps with joint disease. They have a statistically longer life. ”

Good candidates for surgery

Ub Ubovich described a typical successful patient. First of all, according to him, a person must come on his own, ready to make a change. He will try many other methods to lose weight, և they will experience medical problems with weight.

Surgeons should have a BMI of 40 or more or a BMI above 35, as well as two medical problems related to weight.

So far, most people interested in surgery at Fauquier are over 50 և higher, said ub ubovich. When he worked in DC, patients were more often 30-40 years old. “We try to force patients to have surgery at a younger age so that they can avoid obesity-related diseases.”

When it comes to bariatric surgery, smokers are less likely to achieve the results they seek. Sm smartly dramatically increases the risk of complications, Lyubovich said.

Some potential patients are so ill that they cannot be discharged for anesthesia. Others may have untreated mental health problems, making them a poor candidate for surgery.

Psychological assessment is part of the preparation for surgery, which everyone says is a three- to six-month process. Lubovich also said that early diet monitoring allows the dietitian to advise the patient on a healthy diet so that they can adjust to that lifestyle change before surgery. The diet recommended for patients is rich in protein (“It satisfies you և good for treatment,” said ub ubovich), low-fat, low-carb.

“Ise exercises are absolutely crucial,” said ub ubovich. The research says that in fact physical exercises are not a great method of weight loss, but he said: “It’s possible to maintain weight.” The surgeon said that although dedicated exercise is possible for many reasons, “people who are physically active during the day are more successful.”

Stomach bypass surgery, which is another bariatric procedure, will not be performed at Fauquier Hospital until the hospital has a robot that can help with the surgery. Ub Ubovich said that bypassing the stomach also reduces the size of the stomach, but the stomach connects more directly to the small intestine through a tube. Food goes directly to the small intestine, where the process of absorption begins. Ub Ubovich said that patients who bypass the stomach are at greater risk of malnutrition, so monitoring is important. “Apart from limiting the size of the stomach, it is a process of insufficient absorption,” he said.

It is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol during surgery, especially for the first six months to a year.