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A study published in the medical journal JAMA Surgery found that women were more likely to die from male surgery.

As she found, female patients were 15 percent more likely to have a bad outcome after surgery with a male surgeon, and the study surprisingly found that female patients were 34 percent more likely to die.

Adverse outcomes may include death or re-hospitalization, severe complications within 30 days of the procedure, all of which were examined during the study.

With an estimated 1.3 million patients, this study is understandably noisy, especially given that men still play a major role in medicine.

The Guardian: reports that “open bias” in the UK surgery sector may explain why female patients are at greater risk during surgery.

Fiona Maint, vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, told the news that 86% of Britain’s senior surgeons are men.

Women are more likely to be killed by a male surgeon

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In contrast to newly qualified surgeons, women make up less than half of that figure, and this number has dropped sharply to just 14% at the consulting level.

Dr. Angela Cerat, co-author of the findings, associate professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of Toronto, Canada, said: “This result has real medical consequences for female patients, it manifests itself with more complications, returning to the hospital. և Death of women compared to men.

“We have shown in our article that we fail some female patients, that some fall unnecessarily through the cracks, having unfavorable and sometimes fatal consequences.”

In a study that analyzed the records of more than one million patients who underwent 21 typical surgeries performed by about 3,000 surgeons from 2007 to 2019, Gerat went on to say: “These results are worrying because there should be no gender difference in the patient’s results, regardless of the surgeon’s gender.

“The results at the macro level are worrying. When a female surgeon operates, the patient’s results are generally better, especially for women, even after adjusting to differences in chronic health, age, or other factors when undergoing the same procedures.

The study looked at common surgeries, including weight loss, appendectomy, heart bypass, brain surgery, and more.

It is argued that the explanations for the findings may be related to surgeons ‘”subconscious, deep-rooted bias, stereotypes” and opposition to male-female surgeons’ decision-making style, rather than technical variations.

Limited flexibility in the training schedule is assumed to be one of the factors determining gender imbalance in the industry.

While the outcome of a woman’s surgery can vary considerably depending on whether she has a male or female surgeon, when it comes to men, the outcome of their surgery is the same whether the surgeon is male or female.

Women are more likely to be killed by a male surgeon

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However, Gerat confesses. “There are some great male surgeons who have consistently good results. Worryingly, this analysis highlights some of the real differences between male and female surgeons in general, where practice can affect a patient’s overall outcome,” Gerat said.

Consulting orthopedic surgeon Scarlett McNally also said: “Having more female surgeons will improve the outcomes of all patients.”

As with post-surgery problems for female patients, previous studies have shown that women are also less likely to seek medical attention in general.

2018 BBC: Studies have shown that 30-50% of women diagnosed with depression are misdiagnosed. Referring to the health gap, the same source stressed that women are more likely to wait longer for a health diagnosis because their concerns are “all in their heads”.

In addition, endometriosis, which is diagnosed in one in 10 women and can cause infertility, usually takes an astonishing seven and a half years to diagnose.

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