Found, beginner Focusing on weight management, with $ 32 million in secret funding coming out today, the news that he has appointed former Bumble CEO Sarah Ons Simmer as its new CEO.

Found: incubated h Atomic, A San Francisco-based venture studio in the spring of 2020. Earlier this year, it raised $ 24 million through the G Series (formerly Google Ventures) և Atomic-led A Series Series with Define Ventures. And over the past year, it has raised $ 8 million in previously unsecured seed funding, mostly from Atomic, in addition to Define Ventures.

Jack Ye Abraham, co-founder of Found և Atomic’s managing partner, says the startup was created to address the “difficult” problem of weight care in telecommunications at the same time. (Abraham’s co-founder, առողջ Health և Telecommunications Service).

«“Over 70% of the population is overweight or obese. With these numbers growing at an alarming rate, we have seen the need for a personalized, science-based approach to help curve the curve.” Working together with Yudovsky.

And although there is a point solution for a certain medicine or treatment, Abraham added:

Comprehensively, he means that the startup takes “dozens” of medications, supplements, diets, exercise regimens, training programs that will help its members achieve their personal weight and health goals.

Since its inception in 2020, Found has helped “tens of thousands” of members lose more than 200 200,000, says co-founder և COO Swathy Prithivi, who was the company’s interim CEO until Jones Simmer was hired. It is currently available in 31 states with an average of $ 100 per month for various programs.

“Many of the findings suggest that obesity is a disease, not a decision. It’s time for us to modernize weight care so that obesity is seen as a disease, not a decision,” he told TechCrunch.

Weight, Pritiv continued, is “deeply stigmatized” as a category.

“We’ve all been told to eat less, move more, and then be ashamed of our lack of willpower when we don’t see success,” he says. loses only 5%. And this is despite decades of research showing us that losing weight is more than just dieting or exercising. ”

The findings, he said, are intended to help people focus more on body positivity, what they can “find”, such as completing a five-kilometer weight management journey or following their grandchildren, or new self-confidence. And it does so by combining the advice of clinics, the community of others, who go through the same process և “prescription interventions” when necessary. The goal of the company is a complete, personalized և integrated approach, which includes addressing sleep, “careful” eating, movement, stress, and human biology.

Ones ons Simmer comes from Found from Bumble, where he founded the entire initial public offering of that company. In the process, she battled stage 3 breast cancer by drafting an S-1 from a chemist’s chair and sending it to the board on the morning of her double mastectomy.

The move from Found to the two-room apartment was initially personal, largely due to his experience in the fight against cancer. He embarked on the company’s mission to fight obesity and weight loss, just as Bumble struggled with online dating.

“I do “He went into remission very shortly after the IPO, after a rather tedious treatment that I thought was like 20 rounds of chemotherapy, a lot of surgery, 37 rounds of radiation,” said Ons Simmer. “It really makes you think about how you want to spend your days, what is possible for you.”

So despite Bumble CEO Ու Whitney Wolf Heard’s deep respect for the և company և team’s love, ones ons Simmer left Bumblebee earlier this year because he wanted to “bet” on himself.

“At some point during my battle with cancer, my doctor gave me a schedule that forced me to reconsider whether I had a lifetime to pursue my personal, professional goals,” he said. “My prediction seems better now, but my point of view has changed forever.”

In addition, he says that he missed the construction, he wanted to go back to an earlier stage.

“I wanted to combine the lessons I learned at Bumble, to really think about building something else that has the potential to have an impact on people’s lives,” Ons Simmer told TechCrunch.

Today, Found has 130 employees, including its own coaching staff, most of which will be used to expand staff. The company announced today that it has appointed Alexander Linares as its new General Manager. Linares previously served as vice president of product at Headspace, where he oversaw the app’s product growth, which now serves some 70 million people.

GV Partner: Frederick Dam, who also invested in the Pill Club և Kindbody, has joined the Found Board as an A Series series.

He said he supported Found because his mission sounded to him.

“Found takes a new approach to helping people lose weight by turning the weight clinic model online into an individual, evidence-based region designed to improve patient outcomes,” Dam wrote.

He is Dam և Prithivi worked closely at Uber from 2012 to 2016.

“I have always admired his focus and dedication to operational excellence,” Deme said.

What he finds, he thinks, is unique in two main ways. One is the variety of its tools. And second, his approach to stigma, his attempt to change the story of weight management.

“It’s the most integrated platform, the one that best suits your needs,” Demen told TechCrunch. “And, Found makes access to care easy և while emphasizing the body’s positivity and self-acceptance.”

The article was updated after the publication to reflect that Austin is not its headquarters. Found is actually remote, but its new CEO lives in Austin.