Department of Surgery A of Galilee Medical Center, with its management, as well as Bar-Ilan University of Azriel Medical School,’s affiliated Medical Center, Icahn School of Mount Sinai, New York, and Gulf Medical University, Ajman University, United Arab Emirates. GMU) recently hosted an online seminar on bariatric surgery, which was attended by internationally recognized experts.

The International Group of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons (TUGS), a new global surgical company with nearly 2,000 members in 100 countries, hak Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics in India, also co-sponsored a wide-ranging discussion forum on free global educational experience:. topics of interest to bariatricians, surgeons and endocrinologists.

Screenshot of Dr. Eli Kakiashvili, Head of Surgery, Galileo Medical Center, Naharia, during the July 6, 2021 Global Online Bariatric Surgery Seminar. Photo by Cameo Multimedia

Recently, Dr. Eli Kakiashvili, Director of the Department of Surgery at Galilee Medical Center, Dr. Eliot Goodman, ican School of Medicine, and Professor of Surgery at Azrieli Medical School, established the Israel Department of TUGS. Dr. Kakiashvili heads the Israel Department, and this online seminar was its inaugural event. The International Federation of Obstetric or Metabolic Surgery (IFSO) also approved it.

Barrier surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is a metabolic surgery that treats obesity, as well as many other conditions for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol.

More than two hundred doctors from dozens of countries on three continents (America, Asia և Europe), including the UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkey, Cyprus, Australia. Pakistan, Ukraine, etc. participated in the seminar to learn the technical aspects of the increasingly common bariatric procedure, the operative steps of other popular bariatric procedures. They also gained a better understanding of the causes of long-term complications of bariatric surgery, such as the reasons for late recovery from weight loss surgery, as well as newer non-surgical treatments for severe obesity and diabetes.

Excerpt from the online Global Bariatric Surgery Seminar, 2021 July 6: Photo: Cameo Multimedia

Among the lecturers were Professor Mahir all allo from the Gulf Medical University, Dr. Scott Shikora from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Dr. Samer Ganem from Galilee Medical Center (GMC). During the seminar, two bariatric surgeries were broadcast live, one by Dr. Kamal Khatib, Deputy Director of the GMC Department of Surgery, and one by Dr. Mohit Bhandari from Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics, India.

Prior to that, Kakiashvili ուդ Goodman had been lecturing online for more than a year for surgeons from Israel, the United States, and other countries in an effort to advance surgical education and research. Most recently, the Gulf Medical University joined after the signing of an academic cooperation agreement between GMU and the University of Bar Ilan in Israel earlier this year. In the opening speech of the Bariatric seminar, Professor Masad BarhumThe General Director of GMC said. [the UAE and Israel] և others around the world. “Today’s surgical conference is just the tip of the iceberg, which shows the enormous potential that this agreement can bring.”

Kakiashvili“The seminar was successful; it provided an opportunity for professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, raise questions, learn from each other, especially now that the epidemic still hinders meeting with experts, learning to hold individual conferences.” Later this year, Kakiashvili և Goodman plans to launch another global program focusing on hernia surgery with the participation of leading speakers and surgeons in the field. They added that this meeting is just one example of the fact that the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Bar Ilan և և GMU տալիս is bearing fruit և promoting education, research և innovation for stronger global health.