For years, Greg և Susan Gray struggled with weight problems.

After hormone therapy for endometriosis caused Susan to gain weight at the age of 20, she tried unsuccessfully to lose her pregnancy weight through diet. He would lose a few pounds, return them, and lose them again. Nothing worked to keep it away.

Eventually, he was diagnosed with diabetes, which made weight loss even more difficult. Diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol medications were needed to treat her health problems.

Greg has been rollerblading for the last decade, reaching his heaviest 31 315. Then, in 2002, the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes required medications that eventually stopped blood sugar control and required insulin treatment. Over the next eight years, he and his endocrinologists tried more than half a dozen insulins, other drugs with little success, and high prices.

Susan was the first to consider weight loss surgery on the recommendation of her primary care physician ությամբ on the advice of Alexandra ub Ubovich, MD, Director of Bariature Surgery at Novmark Health UVA Haymarket Medical Center.

“Dr. Ub Ubovich is an experienced surgeon and a valued partner,” said Dr. Nicholas Dugan, a bariatric surgeon for Prince William’s Novant Health UVA Health System. “Working with Dr. Ubovich բոլոր with all of our experienced team ensures that patients with our bariatrics are fully supported on their weight loss path.”

Throughout his childhood, ub ubovich’s parents encouraged him to eat healthily and stay physically active.

“It is possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle at a young age,” he said. But many have not been given the opportunity to start their lives this way. This can lead to a reduction in the medical complications of obesity. “Genetic changes in childhood are the basis of what a person will weigh until the end of his life.”

Coming from a long line of doctors, ub ubovich always had a medical career in mind, և at first he thought he would undergo surgery for injuries. But it includes frequent night calls that need immediate attention. Ub Ubovich was not convinced it was for him. And even though he knew he wanted to be a surgeon, he realized that one side of it was not what he expected. When a patient comes for surgery, there is often a preoperative visit, a procedure, a postoperative visit և end. After that, patients continue their lives.

Ub ովubovi ցանկանում wanted to have a deeper and richer relationship with his patients. In bariatric surgery, the procedure involves a long preoperative phase, after which the surgeon and the patient are in lifelong contact.

“In case of other surgeries, you solve the problem և end. “But this is a long-term relationship,” he said. “With this surgery, you can have the best of both worlds in medicine.”

Weight loss surgery is “minimally invasive,” said Ub Ubovich. “It’s unbelievable how much can be done with a few small cuts.”

In almost no case does the patient’s overall quality of life improve dramatically. He has not seen anything in medicine that can reverse medical problems so quickly and help people live longer lives. Ub Ubovich wants to reduce the lack of knowledge related to the preparation for weight loss surgery և today.

“Surgery basically starts the process,” said Ub Ubovich. “It helps tools like diet and exercise to be more effective.” “Many people do not know how safe it is, they do not know that it is an option, they do not know that it is available right here in the area.”

Fortunately for the Grays, their doctors suggested the procedure եցին encouraged them to consult with ub ubovich.

After three months of nutrition counseling, psychiatric assessments, and preoperative interventions, Zubovic underwent Susan surgery in December 2019 at Novanti Haymarket Hospital. Not long after, Greg also became serious. He lost 25 kilograms before the operation, and ub ubovich underwent surgery on his birthday in Nova. “It was the best gift ever,” he said.

Within a week of the operation, Susan was able to stop taking her anti-diabetic blood pressure medication, and three months later she stopped taking her cholesterol medication. Greg has reduced all his medications, rarely takes insulin, and should be able to stop taking all of his prescriptions in the next few months.

To date, Susan has lost 80 kilograms. “I feel 20 years younger, I have a lot more energy,” he said.

Greg met և exceeded his goal of lowering ֆ 220

“I have more energy, general body aches, joint pain,” he said. “The hardest part is buying a whole new wardrobe.”

This article originally appeared in the January issue of Haymarket / Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine, published by InsideNoVa.