Aaron San Filippo, a 40-year-old video game developer from San Prairie, Wisconsin, spent most of his 30s overweight. Weighing in at 230 pounds 5 pounds 9 inches, he was easily worn with simple actions. Her blood pressure և both had high cholesterol և she did not like her appearance. It was his turn to make a big difference in his health.

“It was a constant source of stress,” San Filippo told TODAY Health.

He was recently divorced due to ill health and moved to his own apartment. Whether it was a difficult moment in his life, it was a perfect opportunity for transformation. “I kind of built a lot on my health,” he said. “The apartment I am in has a gym, which is very convenient for me to go down every day, just to train.”

San Filippo began his weight loss journey in August, which he originally wrote about in Medium. He has since thrown 35 pounds and a half from his waist. Here is how he did it.

He regained his calories and started walking

San Filippo began to limit his calorie intake to about 1,600 a day, which he returned to the MyFitnessPal app, took an intermittent fast, skipping breakfast, eating only lunch, and dinner. He went for a daily walk two to four miles. He lost 30 pounds in February. His weight soon hit the plateau, and he found that he remained at 200 pounds for the next three months.

“I think that’s when I realized that my long walk does not necessarily serve me for several reasons,” he said. He spoke to a nutritionist who said he needed to eat more, especially high-protein foods, and replace his daily walks with strength training and cardiovascular stress.

Aaron San Filippo, before he started creating new healthy habits.Politics from Aaron San Filippo

He changed his routine

Starting in May, San Filippo started weight training 3-4 days a week, combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) two days a week. He also runs for a walk once a week, keeping pace for 12 minutes.

To build muscle, San Filippo broke his fast, increased his calorie intake to 2,100 calories a day, and most of the calories came from protein-rich foods such as chicken, pork and eggs, as well as protein shakes, cottage cheese, and cheese. յուղ fat-free yogurt. He eats a lot of green vegetables – broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach. When he is hungry between meals, he eats baby carrots, celery or bell peppers.

He said that eating more protein helps him stay true to his goals because it “makes me feel much fuller, rather than usually starving at the end of the day.” In total, she has lost an extra five pounds, or about a pound a week, since changing her diet.

He focuses on daily calories instead of weekly

Staying true to the mere 2,100 calories a day is hard, said San Filippo, especially as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and bars and restaurants reopen. So he developed a plan that allows him to eat more on certain days while staying on his calorie goals.

“Usually, what I do, I try to plan ahead,” he said, referring to situations where he knows he is going to overestimate. “So if I know I’m going to go out for a bunch of pizza or something like that, I’m just going to lower my calorie intake for the rest of the week, try to aim for the same general. [calories]”2100 calories a day is 14,700 out of seven, so if I can somehow fall in that range in a week, then I’m fine.”

He added. “It certainly requires more planning and thinking than I have ever had.”

Aaron San Filippo after changing his diet and exercise regime. Politics from Aaron San Filippo

Changing his habits was his main task

Instead of focusing on losing weight, San Filippo focused on developing healthy habits, becoming his number one goal.

“It is easy to get discouraged, because there is not always personal correspondence between doing the work and losing weight the next day,” he said. “So I tried to focus on just building habits, because I knew that having a daily habit, a stable lifestyle, would be much more effective in the long run than just losing weight fast.”

To transform the Exerc exercises she expects into a daily routine, she used a habit-building technique called a “reward package” in which she combined her favorite activity (listening to podcasts) with strenuous activities such as walking and weight training. He said that the exercises “feel that it did not work”.

“It’s kind of like tricking your brain into not hating that action so much or actually enjoying it to some extent,” he said.

He trains his workouts through the habit-building app, which he says gives him a sense of accomplishment. “It feels good to just look at it and say, ‘Oh oh, I did my exercise for seven days this week’ or ‘I’m done.’

Weighing in at 195 195 now, San Filippo said he was healthier, stronger, had “a lot more strength and energy”.