The major transformation of Steven Visoki’s life began in 2018.

Visoki, 34, of Riverside, California, has struggled with her weight for most of her life. His heaviest – or at least heaviest – weight was 505 pounds.

Although he tried different diets and programs, Visoki said he gave up when he did not see fast enough results.

In 2018, everything was different.

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At that time, Visoki had just been interrupted and was isolated in his room. Instead of letting Wisok go to the window, his best friend confronted him.

“He was like, ‘Hey, I want to see you do better,'” Wisokin told Fox News. “We would always have these discussions, like how I would like to do something, but I would always be like, ‘Oh, it keeps my weight with me.’ I could not do anything, he was like. “The only person who can make that change is you.”

Steven Whiskey, from Riverside, California, lost 240 pounds in three years.
(Thanks to Steven Visoki)

Visoki said that was when his friend started taking him to the gym every day, despite Visoki’s complaints.

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Eventually, Visoki started enjoying the gym and decided to go it alone.

“I kind of just gave myself a year and said I really had to push myself to see if I could do it. And that’s where I started, “he said.

He told Fox News that at his heaviest weight, Visoki weighed about 505 pounds.

He told Fox News that at his heaviest weight, Visoki weighed about 505 pounds.
(Thanks to Steven Visoki)

During that first year, Visoki said he did not check his weight at all.

“If I did not see progress, I would be afraid to quit my job,” he explained. “So I was like, ‘No, I’m not walking on a ladder.’ I will wait a whole year to see where I am. ”


Instead of allowing the scale to demoralize him, Visoki was inspired by Dwayne’s “ations’s” John Onson’s gym’s desire to return to his favorite activities.

“It was a mixture of wanting to be healthier, I wanted to keep going to theme parks, wanting to see what I could do in a year, to see if I could lose weight in a year,” Wisok added.

Finally, in 2018, Visoki's friend pushed him to start going to the gym, which he did.

Finally, in 2018, Visoki’s friend pushed him to start going to the gym, which he did.
(Thanks to Steven Visoki)

In addition to going to the gym, Vysocky began to change his eating habits. About six months after losing weight, Visoki stopped drinking soda and drank water instead. He also stopped eating fast food, and his roommates taught him how to cook healthier food at home.

Even as he took to the streets, Visoki began to make healthier choices.


A year later, Visoki finally checked his weight again and realized that he had lost 100 pounds. He decided to continue for the second and then the third year to see what else he could do.

Instead of working out with a personal trainer or following a diet or exercise program, Visoki said he only learned about weight loss from YouTube videos. However, when the epidemic started in 2020, he decided to follow the keto diet, a low-carb diet, which, he said, helped a lot.

Today, Vysocky weighs about 265 pounds.

Today, Vysocky weighs about 265 pounds.
(Thanks to Steven Visoki)

Today, Visoki weighs about 265 pounds, which is 240 pounds less than his heaviest. In addition to feeling healthier, being able to do his favorite things, including traveling and visiting theme parks, Visoki said he noticed internal differences.

“I have more confidence,” he said. “I notice that I will walk a little more straight և … I can actually talk to people. When I was older, I was so scared to talk to anyone that I was just nobody talking to anyone. But now I can go out, go and talk to people, try to make new friends. “My confidence level has risen by 100 percent.”

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Although he is happy with his weight at the moment, Visoki said that there is still something he wants to work on.

He told Fox News that because he lost weight, "My confidence level has increased by one hundred percent."

He told Fox News that after losing weight, “my confidence level has increased by one hundred percent.”
(Thanks to Steven Visoki)

“One thing I do not like about it is that I have lost a lot of weight, I have very loose skin,” said Visoki. “I try to eliminate it, because now there are many complications with my free skin. And that և adds an extra dead weight, almost a lot չեմ I can not lose it in any way, no matter how hard I try. ”

A friend even did GoFundMe to help Vysocky raise money for the procedure.


Vysocky recently went viral on Twitter after he posted two pictures of himself. One with her weight loss journey three years ago and the other with her current weight.

In addition to more than 509,300 likes և 31,700 retweets, Vysocky’s tweet also inspired others to post their weight loss journeys and successes.

Visoki said that if he could return three years ago, he would tell himself. “Just look at the little steps you take every day to get there,” not look at the way to lose weight like climbing one big mountain. ,

“Everything is possible if you keep that in mind,” said Visoki.