• Icon of fashion և beauty Linda Evangelista, 56, He reported on social media that he had side effects after applying CoolSculpting, a procedure that freezes fat cells.
  • A rare side effect called paradoxical fat hyperplasia can occur weeks or months after fat melting procedures, when fat cells grow and harden.
  • This side effect, like others that patients have been warned about before CoolSculpting, may require correction surgery.

    The controversy over fat melting cosmetics may have subsided after Linda Evangelista, a supermodel known for working with Versace as a Revlon brand ambassador in the 1990s, revealed that she had undergone painful correction surgery after applying to CoolSculpting. Evangelista, 56, said on social media that she suffered injuries after undergoing a non-invasive cosmetic procedure classified by scientists as cryolipolysis, often referred to by celebrities. treatment range: The discovery of the explosion showed that Evangelista finally noticed an increase in fat in some parts of her body, rather than the slimming effect she had hoped for.

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    “My followers who wondered why I was not working while my peers’ careers were flourishing were severely disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure, which did what it promised,” he told Instagram. by: “It increased, not decreased, my fat cells remained deformed, even after two painful, unsuccessful corrective surgeries. I, as the media described me, remained “unrecognizable”.

    Fat-targeting procedures, such as CoolSculpting, are usually considered an unobtrusive alternative to liposuction-like procedures. But there are some minor side effects, such as the rarer risk that Evangelista says has affected her own fat cells.

    The icon of fashion developed what experts know Paradoxical fatty hyperplasia or PAH – something that doctors նամ care providers have always had to argue with warning patients before CoolSculpting procedures. This condition (sometimes referred to as the “butter bar” effect) has an effect. This seems to be the case for Evangelista, who claims that she was not educated about the potential risks before joining CoolSculpting.

    What other potential side effects do patients experience before this procedure, and what causes PAH in the first place?

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    What is CoolSculpting?

    To understand how a person can get under the skin with a heavy mass of fat, you must first get acquainted with the procedure, which uses a long, thin CoolSculpting applicator, which is localized in the patient’s area. choice.

    “Fat is absorbed into the hand like an absorbent cup. This part of the hand fat is exposed to very low temperatures, which actually freeze the fat cells, causing them to crystallize,” says Dr. Troy Pittman. A private practitioner in Washington is a plastic surgeon certified by an aesthetic plastic surgeon.

    This cold approach to targeting body fat is relatively new. In particular, CoolSculpting was first approved by officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010. But the main difference that makes people often sign up for CoolSculpting for many years is the fact that it is designed to eliminate target areas of body fat. It is not a complete weight loss procedure like bypassing the stomach, for example. CoolSculpting is designed to treat fatty areas that are impossible to overcome through diet, exercise or lifestyle changes, according to its website.

    Current recommendations show that CoolSculpting can be applied to areas such as the thighs, arms, abdomen, buttocks and face, particularly the chin. The procedure itself only takes a maximum of a few hours, but patients see immediate results within six months, and reports from some studies show that one session can reduce confusion by up to 20% in the affected area. While some patients treat the same area for better results, one session can cost up to $ 4,000.

    According to Dr. Pittman, the risks that CoolSculpting patients become aware of before their first procedure include:

    • Feeling of tightness or tightness of the skin at the treatment site, which may include pain
    • Redness, bruising այլ other skin sensitivity or swelling after the procedure, possibly up to a week later
    • Those who target their chin may experience sore throats in the days following their procedures.
    • More rarely, the development of PAH within a few months of the procedure

      What is PAH և and how does it develop?

      This side effect is considered rare by most experts, including Dr. Pitman, who has previously been shown to affect less than 1% of those who use fat-melting procedures. JAMA Dermatology. Plastic surgeons usually do not catch PAH immediately after the procedure, as Dr. Pittman explains that fat cells grow slowly over time, and they are not yet aware of what causes them.

      Almost everyone who has experienced PAH thinks that the affected area may be sore or painful to the touch. “This leaves patients with a healing area that becomes fatter than thinner,” he added.

      PAHs may be more common in older CoolSculpting users և older devices, but Dr. Pittman adds that side effects are more common in men than women. “It seems to appear more often in the lower abdomen than in other parts of the body,” he says. “There is no way to predict which patients will have PAH, so all patients should be warned.”

      While there are no long-term health risks associated with PAH, individuals will have to seek treatment for potentially painful surgery, something that CoolSculpting patients usually wanted to avoid in the first place. Dr. Pittman says that most often the hardened mass of fat is removed by liposuction (which is not guaranteed to get rid of it completely) or patients undergo surgery to remove it completely.

      Is there an alternative to CoolSculpting?

      If you’ve thought about these procedures in general while listening to the Evangelista case, many plastic surgeons may point out that CoolSculpting is not always the best way to upgrade fat, despite the more than eight million individuals who have signed up for the procedure. according to: New York Times.

      “The standard for gold in fat reduction is surgical liposuction,” says Dr. Pittman. “For patients seeking non-surgical treatment, from a minimum to a break, their expectations must be properly managed. “They are not going to get surgery from non-surgical treatment.”

      There are other up-to-date alternatives to CoolSculpting, including TruSculptID, which is licensed to doctors by Cutera. This treatment uses “radio frequency energy” to deliver fat to the fat cells by heating them rather than freezing them, explains Dr. Pittman, adding that the procedure maintains such an effect. Like CoolSculpting, the best results can come from many treatments.

      It is very important that you consult with your primary care provider before seriously discussing any plastic surgery, as your personal medical history may be dangerous to your health for certain procedures. This article must be educational in nature and cannot replace the actual medical or treatment advice of a licensed professional.

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