Weight and Khalessi

When 44-year-old Angie White, an artist and mother of four, thinks about the day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she says she has overcome gratitude.

“I now live my life more fully, more purposefully. When I go to Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego Health, I feel at home. The building gives me hope. The center has given me the opportunity to watch my children grow up. ”

Angela White (left) և her neurosurgeon Alexander Khales, pictured in 2018 after leaving the highest water hotel on the West Coast to raise funds for brain cancer research. Weight was the first health care patient at San Diego’s Jacobs Medical Center to receive the most advanced care in Southern California առաջին’s first և single’s intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging surgery package.

About four years ago, Weight was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma, a rare type of neurological cancer that is difficult to diagnose and treat because brain tumors are found.

He was initially told his tumor was inoperable, but was later transferred to UC San Diego Health. His tumor required the most advanced medical care in Southern California’s first և single’s intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging surgery package.

Weight was the first patient at Jacobs Jacobs Medical Center to undergo an advanced procedure using a high-tech surgical package that placed an MRI scanner on the surgical table before, during, and after surgery to image soft tissues and bones in real time. . For patients with brain tumors, the technology allows surgeons to safely assess whether the tumor has been completely removed or requires additional work.

“I was nervous, but I completely trusted my incredible neurosurgeon,” White said. “When I heard that he told me that he was able to remove 100% of the tumor, my heart exploded with excitement. It seemed like a real miracle. “

Neurosurgery MRI և The story of Kite is one of the many achievements ճանաչ recognized Jac at Jacobs Medical Center over the past five years. The 10-storey, 245-bed hospital has specialized inpatient care, outpatient clinics, a blood bank, a pharmacy, a collection of healing art, as well as:

  • 10 operating rooms, including a set of 4 intraoperative images
  • 32 private postpartum rooms, 3 maternity wards և 52 private neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Roof helicopter landing pad

“The excellent patient care and extreme therapies provided at Ob Jacobs Medical Center were made possible by the visionary charity of Joan և Irwin Jacob Jacobs,” said San Diego Chancellor Pradip K. Khoslan. “This truly innovative institution has enhanced UC San Diego Health’s stellar reputation as a leader in our region, not just in healthcare.”

“The opening of Jacobs Medical Center was an important event that required the Herculean efforts of our team members. “I will never forget how we got together that day as our first patients, from a bone marrow transplant patient to our youngest NICU patient, arrived at the hospital,” said Patti Meysent, CEO of UC San Diego. Health:

“Our doctors and staff were ready to welcome these patients, their families to the highest clinical and professional standards that day; they do it every day after that.”

UC San Diego Health opened Jacobs Medical Center on November 20, 2016. The 509,500-square-foot facility, named after Irwin Jacob Jacobs’s $ 100 million investment, brings together renowned medical professionals, care teams, advanced technology, and the creative arts. ոհ Culinary suggestions to provide patients և Families with exceptional treatment experience.

“This hospital brings the vision of the founders of UC San Diego, who saw the need for innovative research and discovery with remarkable patient care,” said David Brenner, Deputy Director of Health Sciences. “Doctors, researchers and nurses work side by side to provide patients with the most outstanding medical and surgical care locally, nationally and globally.”

Jacobs Medical Center

Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego Health celebrates its fifth anniversary. The 10-storey, 245-bed hospital opened on November 20, 2016. Within 509,500 square feet, there have been several major health developments.

Several notable health events took place at three specialist centers within Jacobs Medical Center: Women և Rady Pavilion Paul, Pauline Cancer Care Pavilions և Stanley Foster Pavilions և A. Vassiliadis Family Pavilion for Advanced Surgery.

The multidisciplinary teams of these pavilions have treated everything from the most complex malignant tumors, from chronic diseases to single, multiple births, to providing specialized care to premature babies, some of whom weigh less than a kilogram. As the region’s only academic medical center, UC San Diego Health has a unique position in providing patients with access to new treatments, clinical trials and advanced surgical techniques.

Surgeons at Jacobs Medical Center have developed տեխն improved techniques և procedures that set the standard for safer surgery. For example, research led by Roger Yen, a late professor at the San Diego School of Medicine and Nobel Laureate Roger Yen, has led UC San Diego Health surgeons to improve the fluorescence-enhanced perception of nerves to maintain healthy tissue. UC San Diego Health is also recognized for multi-organ transplants, minimally invasive weight loss surgeries, precision cancer care, and acoustic neuroma care.

During the global COVID-19 epidemic, UC San Diego Health specialists made regional advances in occupational therapy, research trials, therapies, and vaccinations. Comprehensive teams continue to work around the clock to care for severely infected patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“I am so incredibly proud of our multidisciplinary teams that provide the most exceptional care,” Meisent said. “In the most difficult and unprecedented period, they continue to appear every day, giving patients more time with their loved ones, bringing new life into the world, empathizing with the bed, combining research with clinical care, and setting national models and guidelines.”

Weight և family

Painter Angie White, a mother of four, continues to be free of cancer almost four years after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.

In addition, Jacobs Medical Center captures the creative healing power with its vast array of art. Floor paintings, photographs և sculptures are placed on each floor սում inside each hospital room to create a warmth, comfort և inspirational uplifting environment.

In March 2021, a monumental sculpture by the famous artist fff Kuns debuted in the lobby of Jacobs Medical Center. The “Party Hat (Orange)” donated by Party Jacobs is part of the hospital’s 150-piece Healing Arts collection, largely based on Jacob Jacobs’s vision և leadership. A work of metal greater than life reflects the transformative power of healing that takes place in space.

Weight says that it was the attention to detail that was combined with the highest quality of medical care, which gave him confidence, strength and a second chance at life. He says that not only does it survive, but it flourishes. He makes consecutive appointments every three months and remains tumor-free.

“UC San Diego Health experts are like a joint orchestra. “I owe my life to their incredible efforts at Jacobs Medical Center,” White said. “I can continue to be what I love most, a mother, a woman artist, because of my experience in the hospital, which is now so special to my whole family.”

Jacobs Medical Center in numbers

  • 35,403 surgeries were performed
  • 14,719 children were born
  • 76,172 inpatients were treated
  • 155,039 ambulance room
  • Food was provided to 1,470,588 patients
  • About միլիոն 6 million has been cleared
  • About 11K data cables run throughout the hospital, approximately 1,375,000 million feet of cable
  • More than 1100 computers are installed

US News & World Report: UC San Diego Health named San Diego Hospital No. 1 և California Hospital No. 5 with 10 specialties ranked among the best in the country in the 2020-2021 study. The annual rankings are designed to help patients և inform their physicians of informed decisions about where to seek care for various health conditions, general elective procedures, and complex surgeries.

About UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health is the only academic healthcare system in the region է consisting of UC San Diego Medical Center, Hillcrest and Jacobs Medical Center, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Institute, Moores Cancer Center, Shiley Eye Institute և Altman Clinical և Translation Research From the institute, all in La Olala, as well as primary care and overnight services in clinics throughout Southern California. UC San Diego Health Center is home to the district’s only Burn Regional Center, one of only two I Level I Injury Centers in the county.