After months of isolation in my hometown, I spent the epidemic on baking, gluttony և about ֆ 20, which I accumulated in 2019.

And until I finally cut my 5-foot 11 circle down to the smooth 175, a three-month process I started after returning to the city in March, I did not want to share my progress on social media for fear of offending anyone.

“Weight loss is not for everyone, I have never had a ‘perfect’ body, but I have lost 20 pounds.” I tweeted first In the middle of May. Reduce my diet to 1200 calories day by day and aim for at least 10 hours of exercise a week.

I followed Lizzo իզ Tess Holiday on Instagram for a long time and admired them promoting the body positivity movement, which is more common for 13 million followers. (Lizzo wore a bikini in a recent Instagram video, calling this season “ME IG GRRRL SUMMER;”

Would my own friends and followers see me as superficial? They did not do it that day, as far as I can tell, they still do not do it. But I did not make a mistake when I predicted the reaction. It is now common on social media for dieters to show insensitivity to people with eating disorders or different body types.

Photo by Zakari Kusin. "When it came to sharing my weight loss online, I chose to say things strategically so as not to offend anyone."
Author Zachar Cousin, who lost more than 30 pounds, felt compelled to defend his weight loss on social media.
Sincerely, acha acari Kusin; Laura Randall for Optimist Consulting

In April, singer Demi Lovato, who now uses their pronouns, criticized the LA frozen yogurt shop on Instagram for promoting a “diet culture” message, an action for which they apologized.

“Being extremely difficult to order from Froy [The Bigg Chill] “When you have to pass tons of sugar-free cookies / other diet foods before you get to the counter,” they wrote in an Insta article. “Do better, please.”

Celebrities like Adele, Rebel Wilson and Ashley Graham have lost weight after losing fans.

And so are those who are not in the spotlight.

Amanda Ortiz, 30, who lives in West Babylon, Leighton, now weighs 109 pounds. He lost about 30 30 from his 4-foot-11 circle, most of which he has lost since October due to ill health. Ortiz suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal disorder, and being overweight exacerbates certain symptoms, such as a skin condition called keratosis pilaris, which is characterized by small bumps and dry spots. And so he started using FlexIt, a virtual platform for nutritionist և personal trainer services, and says he has never felt better.

Despite his own progress, he encountered negative reactions when discussing his weight loss with friends.

Demi Lovato, who previously had problems with eating disorders, criticized the ice cream shop for labeling its products.
Demi Lovato, who previously struggled with an eating disorder, has strongly criticized the Fro Yo store for labeling it a “diet culture” message.
PictureGroup / Sipa USA:

“Oh, you look too thin,” or “You look sick,” he said of the remarks he heard. “I’m in perfect weight, this is probably the biggest time ever.” [felt]”I do not believe these comments և they come from those who do not prioritize exercise և eating right.”

Although he continues to be proud of his steps, he is tired of all the judgments, including those who say that his butt is too small.

“I’re not really good at defending myself, I’re usually really silent, ” Ortiz said. “And then it just eats me up inside. I think about the things I want to say.”

The reactions, according to 45-year-old Amy Shapiro, a registered nutritionist, founder of “Real Nutrition”, are widespread և can come from people’s own insecurity.

At the end of 2020, Lizzie reacted after cleaning the juices, posting it later on Instagram. "People who look at me, please do not starve.  I did not feel hungry myself.  I fed myself on greens, water, fruits, proteins, light.  You do not have to do this to be beautiful or healthy."
At the end of 2020, Lizzo reacted after cleaning the juices, which he later posted on Instagram. “People who turn to me, please do not starve. I did not feel hungry myself. I fed myself on greens, water, fruits, proteins, light. You do not have to do it to be beautiful or healthy. ”
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“It’s their problem, it’s not yours,” he said, adding that it helps customers prepare answers when those situations arise.

He says a positive, personal turn on the news in your diet (“I support my body because I want to feel better”) can help put an end to malpractice.

“Go to it once, or say, ‘Oh, I wanted to cut gluten և dairy, ողությունը digestion restored,'” then people [are more likely to accept it]”- said Shapiro.

And that alone matters.

“It motivates other people,” he said. “It does not say, ‘You have to do it.’ It just says why I did it. You want to ask me questions, go ahead, but there will always be a positive turn, because in general, diet, weight loss [and] “Healthy eating should always have a positive impact on it.”