SEVEN months ago, James “Arg” Argent was afraid of eating himself to death after eating fast food, fizzy drinks and snacks, when he tilted the scales almost to 27th place.

Now the former Towie star has proudly revealed that he has reached his goal weight of 15 pounds 7, after almost dropping to 11th place.


James Argent threw an incredible 11 stonesLoan: Sam Riley
The Towie star was told he was dying when he reached 27 stones


The Towie star was told he was dying when he reached 27 stonesLoan: CLICK NEWS AND MEDIA
He reached his target weight in just seven months


He reached his target weight in just seven monthsLoan: Sam Riley

Arg, who began gaining weight in the lock after being addicted to cocaine and alcohol, said doctors told him he was “doomed to death”, but his mother, Patricia, burst into tears in the bedroom to finally seek help.

“Being arrogant made me tired and indifferent, so I made plans every day to meet friends, get a job or achieve something,” he told The Sun.

“But after eating, I was so exhausted that I ended up in bed, not leaving home.

“Then one afternoon my mother found me in bed and started crying.

“He said. “I do not know my son anymore!” That was a big alarm.

“He’s got the hardest thing I’ve ever had at the peak of the epidemic. The doctors said I was dying because I had bad asthma. I was overweight, which was the worst possible combination if I took Covid.” .

“I could have gone, so I just knew I had to do something.”

Arg, 33, who underwent major stomach surgery in April to limit his food intake, says his eating disorder got out of control after he overcame his drug addiction, which led to two near-fatal overdoses. :

“Comforting Eating to Get Rid of Emotions”

After a successful recovery period in Thailand in early 2020, he replaced alcohol and drugs with junk food.

“I was in a good place,” he says. “I had a healthy balance of food and exercise, a good routine, three months clean and sober.

“Then, as soon as I got home, we got into a blockade, so all the programs I needed to stay active in boxing, swimming, and busy with work were thrown into the air.

“I lived alone, although I did not use alcohol or drugs, of which I was very proud, I was comforted by boredom, to avoid emotions, it got out of control.”

The reality star was making a wolf for dinner, fried chicken, pizza, sewing, pie և mash, burgers և chips, which were washed with sweet drinks.

“I would eat a big meal, then I would have a snack all day, and then I would have one big meal,” he says.

“My favorite was the pie and the skin, but I would get three pies, three portions of puree, lots of liqueur sauces – chili, vinegar and pepper. Or I would add popcorn, onion bhajis, naan bread, chicken madras, pilau rice and even a few lamb chops to Indian food.

“After dinner, I went through a whole bath of ice cream, either Aunt Bessie’s Jam Roly Poly & Custard, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food or Haagen-Dazs Salted Caramel.”

After gaining a weight of 26 pounds և 26, Arg took drastic action, opting for gastric bypass surgery, which removed a portion of his stomach to reduce the amount he could hold.

I did not use alcohol or drugs, of which I was very proud, but I was comforted to avoid boredom and feelings.

James Argent

The 10,000 operation that Arg paid for was performed by Transform Hospital Group at a private Burcot Hall Hospital near Birmingham.

“I was very nervous before the operation because I knew it was a huge, life-changing decision,” he said.

“Some weight loss surgeries may be delayed, but what I knew I needed was permanent because 70 percent of my stomach was cut.

“But I was so far away, my life was on the line. I have always been on a yo-yo diet, I have gained weight, but I have never reached the age of 27 before, this time I needed help.

“My surgeon Martin Richardson was wonderful throughout the procedure and in the care.”

Due to the huge reduction in the size of the stomach, Arg can eat only in small portions. Carbonated drinks are forbidden, և he can not drink liquid half an hour before or after eating.

Arg says. “The operation had a huge mental impact because I lost the desire for fast food, sweet foods and carbohydrate-rich foods.

“Even if I have a craving for it, I’m very worried if I eat the wrong things. Because everything takes so long to come down, I now eat in a method called “20, 20, 20”.

“So the food I put in my mouth should be the size of a 20-pence piece, I have to chew it 20 times and then wait 20 seconds for the next drink.

“If I drink water just before eating, it sits on my stomach. If I eat too soon, it can make me sick.”

Doctors told Argin that it would take him a year to reach his target weight of 15 pounds, but he was able to reach his goal in half that time.

Like eating healthier foods, such as chicken salad or fish with mixed vegetables, Arg drinks only green tea and water as he supplements his diet with multivitamins. He also adheres to at least five one-hour-a-week fitness routines, including boxing, swimming and weight training.


“Physically I have no type,” he says. “I think I am attracted to women who have goals, who are hardworking, who want their success.

Best friend’s former Toi star Mark Wright helped him on his fitness journey by training him in the gym, staying true to him during his darkest times.

Arg says. “Mark has never turned his back on me, he always shows me love and support, whether it’s hard love or not.”

One of the low points of last year’s blockchain for Arg was his split with his longtime girlfriend Jemma Collins in July amid a toxic vocabulary that led him to call GC a “hippo.” The couple reunited for a short time in October 2020, but a month later it took time for the relationship.

He now admits that he was in a dark place at the time, that any bitterness towards Jemma who now meets former Flame Rami Havash is a thing of the past.

“For any negative things I have said about someone I deeply regret, I apologize,” he said.

The operation had a huge mental impact because I lost the craving for fast food, sweet foods and carbohydrate-rich foods.

James Argent

“But that argument has been going on for a long time, a lot of the time when you say negative things about other people, you really say it about yourself. That’s self-loathing. “

Or the couple, whose romance has lasted for eight years, are not in a relationship, Arg says that he wishes him success in his new romance.

“I am very pleased that he started meeting Rami again, because I really love him very much. He is a good boy. “

As she lost weight due to her new diet Ար fitness, Arg’s self-confidence has increased, և he is now ready to return to the field of dating. He says he is looking for a “strong woman”, he hopes to settle down, he will have children.

“I have not really started dating yet, but I have noticed that many of the girls who did not look at me twice before now seem a little more energetic.

“I get a lot of compliments, but I do not let them get to my head. One drawback is that the thinner I am, the bigger my nose and ears, so I can not win.

Arg also has a lot of work to do, and is currently rehearsing to make a Christmas panto for the role of the stupid Simon in Jack Lobby in Tenby, Wales.

The Arg Band, which he leads as a singer, also gives regular concerts at weddings and corporate events, as well as being a resident of Marbella’s Olivia’s restaurant, owned by former Towie star Eliot Wright.

She will soon appear on Loose Women TV, presenting a special report on eating disorders, starring in the new E4 show, The Real Dirty Dancing. Now healthy and happy, he says his friends and family are relieved to bring back the real Arg.

“My mother went through a lot of hell, she got therapy, she got counseling, at first, I think, because of everything I put in her, but now it really helps her personally,” she says.

“But with Adele’s boxer Tyson Fury, my mom was one of the biggest inspirations on my way to losing weight.

“She lost a lot of weight for my sister’s wedding. I’m so proud of him. “

Arg now plans to swim the English Channel or the Strait of Gibraltar by the end of 2022, as he would like to take part in a boxing match. He is learning to play the bass guitar so he can extend his role in the band.

“When I was obese, I was so unhappy and indifferent, I could not achieve anything,” he says.

“Now, sitting here today, I’m back to my life; I’m deleting things from the list every day; I’m achieving the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

His typical daily diet


Breakfast. Whole English or large portion of smoked salmon և four scrambled eggs on toast.

Lunch Gregs pieces or chicken burgers և chips.

Supper. three pies, three portions of puree, liqueur ո sauces or Indian dishes. Ice cream bath.

Snacks / drinks. Large bags of crumbs, chocolate, chewy sweets, carbonated drinks.


Breakfast. A small cup of cereal, porridge or yogurt with fruit puree – or a small portion of smoked salmon – one smoked egg without toast.

Lunch: chicken salad or soup.

Dinner: chicken with rice, fish with green vegetables or sushi.

Snacks / drinks: fruit, green tea, water.

Arg is now making TV appearances and singing in his band


Arg is now making TV appearances and singing in his bandLoan: Sam Riley
Arg reached another low point when he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Jemma Collins in July.


Arg reached another low point when he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Jemma Collins in July.Loan see title:
He underwent major stomach surgery in April to limit his food intake


He underwent major stomach surgery in April to limit his food intakeLoan: Louis Wood News Group Newspaper Ltd
James Argent looks thinner than he has for years when he works out in the gym after losing weight