It was once thought that cosmetic procedures could be performed only by the Hollywood elite and the rich. But today, cosmetic surgery is more affordable than ever.

In addition, many clinics now offer financial payment plans that allow you to make additional payments rather than claim the full cost in advance. In addition, some of the most common plastic surgeries in Canada can be covered by health insurance. The procedure is often considered to be more than just cosmetic.

Thus, while hair transplantation in Toronto can be a transformative procedure for complete hair restoration, it is unlikely that it will be covered by health insurance.

However, here are seven procedures that can be covered by Canadian health insurance.


Although elective nose surgery is not likely to be covered by health insurance, the procedure is usually covered when there are circumstances such as an injury or breathing problems. This can include a fracture or a common condition known as a deviated septum.

Deviated septum is a condition in which the nasal septum deviates to the side, preventing proper airflow through the nasal airways. This condition can develop at birth or develop if the nose is damaged.

Be careful, though, as most insurance covers only the restorative aspects of the procedure և any additional cosmetic changes are likely to be costly.

Removal of a breast implant

If implants are not covered by health insurance, they can be removed from a person.

In general, implant removal will be covered in cases of infection or other health complications, or if removal is considered necessary if a person has been diagnosed with breast cancer և a mastectomy is required.

Mole removal

The simple beauty mark is unlikely to be covered by Canadian health insurance. However, if the mole becomes a sign of cancer or causes irritation, itching or blurred vision, health insurance may cover part or all of the procedure.

Weight loss procedures

Depending on where you are in Canada, bariatric surgeries, also known as weight loss surgeries, may be covered. OHIP, for example, covers these procedures in Ontario. However, the patient must first meet certain requirements, such as having a BMI over 40 և not being able to lose weight through medically supervised programs to prove that surgery is needed.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is usually covered in Canada when back pain, spine problems, rash or other common complications occur. The procedure generally needs to be approved by the insurer before surgery to provide insurance. In addition, depending on the procedure, further cosmetic procedures that will aid in the surgical appearance of the procedures, such as chest liposuction or breast augmentation, may not be covered. BC, for example, involves liposuction, but Ontario does not do it at all.

Tummy Tuck:

Abdominal cosmetic toxins for the treatment of sagging skin after pregnancy are unlikely to be insured. However, in case of excessive weakening of the skin after excessive weight loss, removal may be considered necessary by the insurance. Often the skin has to cause complications such as cracking, infection or mobility problems.


Drooping eyelids are a common sign of aging around the eyes. Whether or not the minor cases of this condition simply cause a cosmetically tired appearance, the condition can develop to the point that it impairs vision նի causing disturbances that prevent daily tasks such as driving, reading և work. In these cases, many Canadian insurers will close the procedure.

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