Ronnie Burbank underwent gastrectomy at the NHRMC in October 2017 and lost more than 100 kilograms.  Burbank said after the operation that he was able to be more active.  He walks, runs, swims and enjoys the campaign.

Over the course of four years, Ronnie Burbank gained about: 100 as he recovered from many cancers and was cured of colon cancer.

“As I was getting heavier, it started to cause physical problems,” Burbank said. “I had a lot of hernias in my abdomen.”

Burbank, a 59-year-old banker and vice president of commercial lending at United Bank of Wilmington, said that his health problems, combined with other stressful situations, had a profound effect on him at the time. “It was a difficult time for me,” he said. “So I was in pretty bad shape physically and mentally.”

Need for change?

Because the weight was hampering her ability to treat hernia, Burbank said she realized something needed to change. “I started paying some attention to bariatric surgery back in 2011,” he said. “The more severe it became, the worse the hernia got. ‘There was no way for Duke Duke doctors to repair it because it would not give such severe treatment.’ It will just keep pulling on the muscle. So my doctors suggested, “Hey, are you losing weight? Come back to us, we’ll see what we can do.”

In four years, Ronnie Burbank has raised about: 100.

Burbank said that in order to avoid the operation, he tried to lose weight and get fit on his own, but failed. “At the age of 50, it became problematic,” he said. “It just wasn’t there,, my weight was still about 300 pounds.”

In 2017, Burbank met with Dr. V. of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Hooks helped Burbank begin his successful weight loss journey. “We gathered in his office and started exploring the possibility of surgery,” Burbank said. “At that moment, I decided I wanted to have a better life for the rest of the planet.”