When Taze Moore needs a moment of clarity, the peaceful place she can go to avoid life, basketball, school, or three, she looks at her bedroom wall.

Attached to the wall is a large, indescribable shirt. That’s what his grandmother always wore to high school basketball games.

“I just sit there talking to my shirt,” said Moore, a six-foot-tall transfer guard who played his first season on the University of Houston’s men’s basketball team. “Beautiful lady. I pray a lot for my grandmother. “I’m just trying to imagine talking to him sometimes.”

Katie Sutherland died a week ago when Moore left for Southhaven, Miss College, Cal State Bakersfield. Prior to his death, Sutherland, a career teacher, persuaded Moore to promise to receive his diploma.

Now Moore is fulfilling his promise.

Broken bones, surgeries և loss

It was a long and painful journey. Moore’s posts are far beyond the usual sports games on social media or on the basketball court.

Five surgeries.