Kenny and Lauren before and after surgery. CREDIT: mediadrumimages/@shrinking400/@sleevedbyfire/MAGAZINEFEATURES.CO.ZA

  • Kenny և Lauren pushed each other to lose weight and underwent surgery.
  • Kenny underwent surgery in September 2019, and Lauren in November 2019.
  • Kenny has now dropped from 186kg to 96kg and Lauren weighs in at 74kg and 134kg.

Civil servant Kenny Turner (37) from Long Island, USA, used food to comfort his own body image, և by 2019 he weighed 410 pounds (185.97 kg). At that moment, his girlfriend Lauren Harvey (35), who is also from Long Island, suggested that the couple undergo stomach surgery to remove most of their body fat.

Lauren, who weighed 296 pounds (134.26 kg), raised the issue of weight loss surgery after a doctor told Kenny he would not live another year if he did not do something about his weight and health.

Lauren և Kenny before surgery. All pictures provided by mediadrumimages / @ shrinking400 / @ sleevedbyfire / MAGAZINEFEATURES.CO.ZA

“I know the weight is straining the relationship just because of how uncomfortable I was in general, but I didn’t really realize how much of it until later,” Kenny said.

At almost 410 pounds (185.97 kg) or 210 pounds (134.26 kg), I knew he was my soul mate. “Lauren found a way to love me the worst, to bring me the little joy I had.”

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Before that, however, Kenny had become isolated because of his weight. “I was full of self-love. “I hated my appearance, how far I had allowed myself to go,” he said.

“As a result, I had terrible social anxiety because I was so ashamed of my size. I avoided almost all social environments, any event where I had to be in public. Everywhere I went, I felt like the biggest person in the room, that everyone was looking at me, judging me. Thus, I began to close myself off, to isolate myself from almost everything. ”

Lorraine before surgery.  LONG ISLAND, USA.  THIS REVOLUTION

Kenny used to avoid weight loss surgery out of concern for the procedure, but said Lauren, who is now his fiancée, needed the motivation he needed.

“When I met Lauren in 2018, everything changed,” he said. “I knew I wanted to live with him. To do that, I had to recover.

“She actually approached me and said she was thinking about having weight loss surgery. The idea that I could have someone go through this process eased my anxiety a lot, so I finally decided to go for surgery. »

Lauren added that the motivation was in two directions, as Kenny was the reason why he also decided to take this step.

“Before meeting Kenny, losing weight was always about being beautiful and thin. I hope I became so beautiful and thin that I found someone who would love me,” she said.

“I am just incredibly lucky that everything did not work out that way. When I met my current fiancé, I was near or near my highest weight. He could not, he loved me anyway. He loved me for me և not because of my weight or despite my weight. That changed the game for me. “

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His relationship made him realize that his mindset was so backward. “I was alone for so long, I convinced myself that I would always be alone, so I never thought about what life would be like with my partner,” she says.

Lorraine before surgery.  LONG ISLAND, USA.  THIS REVOLUTION

“When I realized that he was, I saw this whole life in front of me with infinite possibilities, possibilities that I did not believe I would have before. “I wanted to live my best life with him, I did not want to back down from everything we wanted to do in life with my weight,” he says.

“I liked that now my mindset was about being healthy, not lean and beautiful. It was even better that I knew I had someone who would love me no matter what my weight was. ”

And although the couple supported each other, light and thin, not everyone accepted their weight so well.

“Everyone always called me ‘big boy,’ which I hated,” Kenny said.

“Even my mother did not approve of me when I went to eat in front of her.” “My mother would also openly question many of my food choices,” Lauren said.

“Given my weight, it was definitely guaranteed, but it still hurt. When I openly complained about my weight, my friends just said: “Why do not you lose weight?” It seemed so easy to do. Others would say. “It’s completely under your control to change.” I think it is difficult for people who do not have morbid obesity to understand how difficult it is to lose weight. ”

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To encourage each other with this new mindset, the couple registered for Vertical Gastrectomy (VSG) surgeries: Kenny in September 2019 and Lauren in November 2019. “It’s like giving birth,” Lauren said.

“You can read everything you want about it և get as much information as possible, but nothing fully prepares you for what it’s going to be until you actually have to go through it.”

Lorraine before surgery.  LONG ISLAND, USA.  THIS REVOLUTION

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After the operation, Kenny has now lost 95.71 kg, which is 90.26 kg less than his original weight, and Lauren is 73.94 kg, 60.32 kg more fat!

“The surgery helped me limit my food intake, but besides, I had to make drastic changes in my food choices. I also worked hard,” Kenny said.

Kenny trains at least four times a week with strength training and cardiovascular training. Loren also does cardio and strength training, goes for daily walks and weekends. The couple got married after the operation, they are happier than ever!

Lorraine before surgery.  LONG ISLAND, USA.  THIS REVOLUTION!

Lauren commented that not all of the changes he noticed were positive, but most were positive.

“Losing weight has changed my life in many ways, many were waiting and some were not. Many people now comment on my appearance, which is not surprising, but what caught me by surprise was how much people were willing to judge my heavier personality now that I had lost weight, or how openly they were about talking about me. “Give the body unsolicited opinions or advice,” says Lauren.

“Weight loss does not eliminate all your problems, but it does allow you to deal with them face to face without using your weight as an obstacle or an excuse to work on those problems.”

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