(MENAFN- Mid-East.Info) UAE. In the age of COVID-19, when surgeries have become difficult, robotic surgery can provide minimally invasive procedures to patients while providing greater protection for physicians and other health care professionals when compared. manual surgeries. Some 313 million people worldwide undergo surgery. The health of these patients is at risk due to the impending COVID-19 crisis. Robotic technology is currently being introduced as a solution to surgical challenges. Versius robotic surgery redefines UAE healthcare.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Girish Junya Experienced Laparoscopic և General Surgeon in UAE always looking forward to progress in minimally invasive surgery. One such flight in this area was the introduction of the CMR robotic surgical system, Versius. The Versius system is an advanced surgical robot that has been introduced as a high-quality “surgeon-to-surgeon” experience in offering patients with minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Girish Junyan, after weeks of training, made his first case on the Versius robot, և here is what he had to say about it. “Patient safety is our top priority. In the case of COVID-19, we need to make sure we can have surgery in Armenia. the best possible remedy for patients. We believe that surgical robotics offers this enhanced safety for patients. “When the surgeon is sitting at the panel, physical distance is maintained, which has the potential to reduce the likelihood of a patient or surgical team becoming infected with COVID-19.”

“When I first saw the Versus robot, I knew that the transition from laparoscopy to robotic surgery would be effortless. The whole design of the Versius system seemed ergonomic; In addition, it gives us the freedom to move forward, to lay down our arms at our convenience, based on what is best for the patient. The surgeon’s panel, on the other hand, is very well designed, with an open panel I can always follow my team, the patient, the hands. “It improves our communication, it provides a very safe, healthy operation.”

“The most important aspect to consider here, in terms of patients, is the placement of the Versius System port և Abdominal wall tightening is much smaller than laparoscopic surgery. “It really helps to have a faster recovery period. The risk of infection պատճառով due to small trocars և port hernias, of course, is significantly reduced.”

“I personally feel like a bariatric (weight loss) surgeon, especially for my patients, who usually have a high BMI (Weight Loss – Bariatric Procedures) developed by Versius Robot.

A great balance between meeting the needs of the minimally invasive surgeon as well as focusing heavily on patients և improving them և leads to more accurate surgery, less pain, faster recovery, less risk of infection և blood loss, earlier.

discharge from hospital, fewer scars և shorter recovery with better clinical results. “This robot will allow us to expand our scope as surgeons to achieve much more without compromising patient safety.”

It is Versius The next generation surgical robot Designed to mimic the movement of a human hand և Controlled by surgeons via a panel և screen. It is specially designed to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and surgical teams. Versius Supplement և is distributed to patients to improve outcomes. Compared to manual laparoscopy, fully articulated wrists, straight hand to instrument mapping կայուն Integrated stable 3D HD visualization in Versius Incredible accuracy, control, dexterity իան Excellent depth perception .


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