The “heaviest teenager in the world”, who once bent 96 stones at the age of 17, is now unrecognizable as an adult after losing his incredible weight.

Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri reportedly threw 86 stones, walking for the first time in recent years in a hospital after a strict diet and exercise regimen.


Khaled Mohsen Al Shaer weighed 96 stones when he was only 17 years old.
He was resumed from his home in Saudi Arabia for treatment by order of the late King Abdullah.


He was resumed from his home in Saudi Arabia for treatment by order of the late King Abdullah.Credit: Reuters

He documented his amazing transformation by showing the different stages of his weight loss journey as a teenager in hot air ballooning.

The 29-year-old from Saudi Arabia has now shared a video of himself walking around Zimmer about three years after Jizan was evacuated from his home for rescue treatment.

The late King Abdullah organized the incredible rescue in 2013, excited by Khaled’s weight struggle.

About 30 medical personnel – civil defense representatives – worked together to lift the teenager with a special crane brought from the USA at that time.

Khaled reportedly did not leave his bed for three years before being evicted from his home, part of which had to be demolished to get him out, according to reports.

After an emergency evacuation, he was airlifted to Fahd, King of Riyadh, for medical treatment.

Saudi Arabia’s health minister, Dr. Abdullah al-Rabia, said King Abdullah had ordered the rescue as a “humanitarian gesture”.

During the huge operation, the teenager was photographed with a stone face and sunglasses, when the crowd pierced his eyes for help.

After being admitted to the hospital, his health and mobility continued to improve, remaining trapped in his home for years.

A huge wheelchair was built by the doctors to help him become more active, to help with his physical therapy.

Khaled quickly managed to lose more than half of his body weight in just six months after regaining an intense regimen.

In 2016, Khaled, who was named the heaviest teenager in the world, shared an inspiring video where he can walk around the Zimmer circle after losing weight.

Khaled’s remarkable recovery continued to intensify as the last of his paintings, in which he stared thinly decorated with 10 stones.

It was even reported that he had the last surgery to remove excess skin from his body in January 2018.

The 29-year-old bears almost no resemblance to his older self, losing weight almost eight years after the start of his journey.


It happened after we told how the world’s fattest boy threw 17 stones after stomach surgery, regular exercise and a strict diet.

Arya Permana, now 14, weighed an incredible 30 pounds at just 11 years old and could barely walk a few steps without breathing, which meant she could not go to school.

The young man’s family could not find clothes that would suit him, so they wrapped themselves in sarong and spent their days on junk food, including their favorite instant noodle dinner.

But now he has reached 13 stones, he can play basketball, climb trees, ride a motorcycle after losing a lot of weight.

The teenager underwent additional surgery to remove excess skin from his hands, and hopes that he will have further procedures to cut more relaxation after the epidemic.

The Sun also reported on the incredible transformation of the strongest brothers in the world, who started weight training at the age of two.

Back in 2010, Giuliano, a 6-year-old and four-year-old Claudio Straw, caused controversy when pictures appeared of them muttering, flexing their muscles and lifting weights.

Both boys were lifting 4kg dumbbells, heavy weights, to lift their biceps and develop their chest muscles.

But 11 years later, the boys have less muscle connection than when they were small children, but they are still fit to play the violin after the couple started boxing.

It is reported that now 29-year-old Khaled weighs only 10 stones after losing his amazing weight


It is reported that now 29-year-old Khaled weighs only 10 stones after losing his amazing weight