The mother of two is unrecognizable after a 000 8,000 “mummy” was changed to achieve her dream body.

Kaylee Baldwin-Wilkinson, 28, of Clatton-on-Sea, Essex, hates her 22nd size.

Despite years of dieting, Kaylee struggled to lose weight, so she spent 00 3,200 on bypassing her stomach to help reduce her appetite and calorie intake.

A year later, Kaylee, the mother of 7-year-old Haley և 4-year-old Harley, was stabbed again for weight loss to remove excess skin, paying 00 4,500 for a tummy tuck, breast augmentation implant.

Unrecognizable. Kaylee Baldwin-Wilkinson, 28, Clakton-on-Sea, Essex, bent the scales in 19th place, hating her 22-foot shot, left. He is now 10 sizes (right) after the “transformation of the mummy”

He was desperate to lose weight. Yo-yo dietitian Kaylee, who was pictured before her surgeries, spent years trying to lose weight, but enjoyed fast food.

A new breath of life. 10 10 6 6, pictured, Kylie is more active with her two children և says she does not believe it’s when she looks in the mirror

He now weighs 10 6 6 և “does not recognize” his 10’s size in the mirror.

Explaining his long journey of losing weight, he said: “I have always been chubby, but after giving birth to Morgan I started to fight against my weight.

“I was on a yo-yo diet all the time, losing three stones and then taking it again և more. Then, after giving birth to Harley, it became even more difficult to lose weight.

“I was tangled, I could hardly cook.” It was much easier to eat food. I would spend about 170 170 a week on food.

“I would buy 75 75 worth of junk at the supermarket, 30 30 for Chinese food, 20 20 for pizza, 25 25 for Indian, 20 20 from KFC և և 25 at McDonald’s.

“Chinese rice is typical for big rice, chicken mince, chicken balls, chicken with salt and pepper, chicken with sweet and sour, when I think about it, it’s disgusting.”

Unfortunate. Kylie used to spend ֆ 75 on junk food at the supermarket, knowing she needed surgery to lose weight forever. In the picture, before losing weight surgery

Surgery abroad. After a thorough examination, Kaylee chose a hospital in Turkey and left in October 2020 for a gastric bypass procedure (pictured).

Squeezed և squeezed. After losing weight, Kaylee was left with weakened skin, so she returned to Turkey in October 2020 to stretch her abdomen and increase her breasts. In the picture: before or after

Believing that surgery was “the only way” she could maintain her weight permanently, Kaylee chose to bypass her stomach.

Gastric bypass surgery is a surgical procedure in which staples are used to create a small sac in the upper abdomen. The pouch is then attached to the small intestine, bypassing the rest of the stomach.

This means that less food is needed to feel full,: fewer calories are absorbed from the food consumed.

After a thorough examination, Kaylee decided to have the operation in October 2020 at the Irme International Hospital in Turkey. He estimates it is 10,000 10,000 cheaper than surgery in the UK.

Helps to lose weight. Kaylee, pictured before and after, knew that bypassing her stomach would make her eat less, help her burn fewer calories from the food she ate.

It is a great pleasure. Kyle, pictured in size 22, has a hard time believing how much she used to eat

Get active. Kaylee, who was photographed before and after losing weight, says she now feels she can do more with the kids Morgan և Harley, such as going to the park or the pool.

Over the next 12 months, Kylie saw that she lost weight but remained lying down, hanging over her skin.

He said. “After losing more than eight stones in one year, I was not satisfied with the free skin, it needed me to squeeze a little. “I had surgery not only for myself, but also for my children.”

The mother of two returned to the same hospital in October 2021 to undergo toxic abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and breast implants.

The second visit to the hospital. Kylie was photographed in hospital in October 2021 after a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast implants.

Recovery. Kaylee returned to the same hospitals after being satisfied with the first one. Pictured is a mother of two in hospital earlier this year

“Now I can do more with the kids, for example, take them for a swim or run in the park,” Kyle continued.

“Morgan commented on how much happier I was involved, which was unbelievable to hear.

“I saved for the operation, it has already given an unequivocal result. I feel amazing. It’s weird because it all happened in one year. I still can not believe that I am my reflection.

“My BMI is healthy now, while it used to be morbidly obese. I am no longer cut when climbing stairs, my joints do not hurt anymore. ”

Happy and healthy. Kaylee’s BMI was “fat”, but now it ‘s “normal”; she’m feeling better than ever. In the picture, Kaylee feels confident in her body after losing weight and after surgeries