A woman from the English city of Birmingham has died after weight loss surgery from a near-death attempt in hopes of starting a family with her partner. As it turned out, he developed sepsis after treatment.

Laura Batrum wished a happy, normal life with her significant other, decided to have stomach surgery after trying alternative ways to lose weight. In a horrible way, losing those extra pounds almost cost him his life.

The 38-year-old woman weighed 22 stones (308 pounds) and lost almost 10 kilograms after the operation. However, after only a week of treatment, he began to feel unwell and was immediately taken to hospital with a perforated bowel.

Laura Batrum is pictured receiving treatment in a hospital room. |: Photo: twitter.com/PIandMedNeg |: twitter.com/DailyMirror:

He also visited his doctor, who told him to “go home and take paracetamol” even though he had obvious symptoms of sepsis. Laura then fell into a coma and fought for her life for four months at Queen’s University Hospital in Birmingham. He added.

“At first I thought my pain should be that I was recovering from surgery.”

Laura’s partner, Steve, called the NHS helpline when her pain became unbearable. Her vital signs almost disappeared, and doctors even said she had only three days left. She now wears a colostomy bag that needs to be replaced at least 12 times a day.

Life was a huge struggle for Laura, who only chose the procedure so that she could have children with her partner. He is easily consumed and suffers from mobility problems. As for his decision to have surgery, he said.

“I had to lose weight if I wanted to be a mother one day.”

According to doctors, Laura can not conceive naturally, և now her only way to start a family is IVF, which also has very little chance of success.

Both Laura and Steve have always planned to have at least two children, and their dreams of starting a family are in serious jeopardy. He said he had no idea how dangerous sepsis could be when the condition initially developed.

He was discharged after the operation, but when he got home he started to show signs of weakness. He even felt pain when we urinated, causing a rash on his hands.

Laura’s attorneys also pointed to the doctor’s negligence in failing to perform the necessary tests, including measuring blood pressure if necessary.

Laura gains after judging her doctor, but living with sepsis is now a part of her life. He wants to raise awareness among the masses about a life-threatening disease that can only develop after infection.

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