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The opening remarks were made Wednesday during the federal trial of Burley Hills, a former weight-loss doctor accused of participating in a $ 250 million fraudulent scheme involving 1-800-GET-THIN Lap-Band surgeries.

Julian Omid, 53, from West Hollywood Մ Miralie Ar Arab, 53, from Burley Hills, faces multiple federal charges for mail, wire fraud, false statements, money laundering, and identity theft stemming from the GET THIN LAP from surgery և sleep study programs. From May 2010 to March 2016, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

The management of the surgery center, which is overseen by Omidi, along with his brother’s mother, is also mentioned in the indictment. Lap-Band is a silicone ring that is surgically placed around the stomach to prevent overeating.

Prosecutors allege that patients were harmed by the fraudulent scheme when they underwent unnecessary medical procedures, that insurance services lost tens of millions of dollars after receiving fraudulent accounts.

Omid, a physician whose license was revoked in 2009, was partly in charge of the GET THIN network of companies, which focused on selectively performing Lap-Band weight loss surgeries.

Omid set up procedures that required future Lap-Band patients, even those covered by insurance plans, would never cover Lap-Band surgery, have at least one sleep study, and staff were offered commissions to conduct the study. .

Zarabi is a doctor whose license is still good, according to the website of the State Medical Council.

The purpose of the sleep study was to find a second cause, such as sleep apnea, which GET THIN would use to persuade a patient insurance company to approve the Lap-Band procedure in advance, federal prosecutors say.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office claims that after patients have had sleep tests, often without any indication that any doctor has ever determined that the study is medically necessary. sleep apnea և that they suffered from severe daytime sleepiness.

Omid was then forced to use these false sleep study reports to defend GET THIN’s Lap-Band surgery pre-authorization claims, according to the indictment.

Based on false sleep studies, as well as other false information, including patients’ height and weight, insurance companies have allegedly allowed to pay for some Lap-Band surgeries. According to the indictment, GET THIN received at least $ 38 million for Lap-Band procedures.

Even if the insurance company did not authorize the surgery, GET THIN was still able to pay $ 15,000 in bills for each sleep study, according to the indictment. Insurance premiums were credited to GET THIN-linked bank accounts, prosecutors said.

Federal prosecutors said the health benefit plans that allegedly suffered from the billing scam included TriCare, a health plan for uniformed employees, retirees and their families around the world, and various private insurance companies.

If convicted, Omidi could face up to 20 years in prison for each of the charges in the mail fraud or indictment.

The trial may take two to three months.

The government has nearly 40 witnesses whom it intends to call, including two co-defendants, court papers show. According to the prosecution’s memorandum, Omidi’s lawyers provided a list of 96 witnesses, including a “dead patient.”

In their case, federal prosecutors allege that the Arab allowed GET THIN to use his electronic signature to make him appear to have reviewed the false sleep study, even though he knew the reports were changing. He also allegedly demanded payment for the use of his electronic signature on hundreds of prescriptions for sleep apnea.

“Arab Omid” fell victim to countless patients when they allegedly underwent unnecessary medical treatment to make tens of millions of dollars in profits, “said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones in his indictment.

“Medical supplier fraud is a multibillion-dollar problem that raises health insurance premiums and disrupts our economy,” he said.

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