Exercise is safe for a few weeks after pregnancy under the supervision of specialists

Pregnancy can be one of the most difficult but beautiful times in a woman’s life. It is natural to have inquiries about what awaits you in pregnancy. Given that there is so much information on the Internet անեկան family tips that are passed down through the generations, it is always possible to check the information you come across. And, talking to an expert can not be a substitute. Bringing the expert to your screen is the famous fitness instructor Jasmine Karachivala, who sat down with gynecologist Dr. Ranjana Danu to answer the most frequently asked questions about pregnancy care.

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1. What is the right age to get pregnant?

Jasmine Karachivala said women have been asked to have children under the age of 30 for decades, but many now prefer to get pregnant later. Responding to that, Dr. Danu said: “Because women are born with a limited number of eggs, they should plan their pregnancies before 35”. “After the age of 30, the birth rate starts to rise. We are checking with the IMF.” “Antimalarial hormone (AMH) is a hormone that shows fertility levels. Decreased AMH is often accompanied by a recommendation to freeze eggs,” said the doctor.

He added that freezing your eggs is not dangerous և can help women delay the necessary pregnancy. “If you can freeze your eggs և your genetic material in the lab, there is no such thing,” added Dr. Danu.

2. Is it necessary to check before pregnancy?

“Of course,” said Dr. Danu, explaining that pre-pregnancy testing may include blood tests, regular sonography, diabetes, thyroid testing, and more. It also includes a history of fibroids or previous surgery for endometriosis. high risk category. “He can also check the existence of kinship,” the expert added. Genetic history is also analyzed to find any chromosomal defects in same-sex marriages.

3. Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

“Pregnancy is not a disease,” said Dr. Danu, adding that most people can exercise during pregnancy. After 12 weeks, exercise control is quite good. Only those who are at high risk, such as those with a history of heart problems or miscarriages, should refrain from strenuous exercise.

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Exercises during pregnancy under the supervision of specialists
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4. What is postpartum depression?

Factors such as sudden withdrawal of postpartum hormones, the presence of lactating hormone, and lack of sleep can lead to postpartum depression, leading to withdrawal and crying. “It needs some advice, diet can help,” said Dr. Danu.

5. How soon can you start exercising postpartum?

For both natural pregnancies and caesarean sections, six weeks is the treatment period after which exercise is encouraged. “Otherwise, most pregnancies will increase. It can be very difficult to lose,” said Dr. Danu. Women should start gradually, first consulting their doctor.

6. Do habits affect pregnancy?

Drugs, substance use and alcohol can affect a child’s growth, says Dr. Danu. “It’s possible to cleanse your body. “If you get pregnant in a semi-cleansed way, it can affect the baby’s intrauterine growth, placenta or lead to growth retardation.” She recommends cleansing your body at least three months before pregnancy.

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It is always recommended to follow the doctor’s advice at every step of the pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and baby.

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