Most people consider weight loss a formula. Burn more calories than you take in. However, there are other factors that can hinder you from achieving all of your weight loss goals. Gary Foster, PhD, WW Chief Scientific Officer և Author Transfer. 7 strong mindset changes for sustainable weight loss reveals Eat This, not that many of the basics of losing weight have nothing to do with diet or exercise. Read Dr. Foster’s weight loss tipsհամար Do not miss them համար to ensure the health of yourself և others Confident signs that you have “long” COVID և You may not even know it,


People think that being tough on them is useful. The tougher, the better. However, Dr. Foster notes that self-esteem always overcomes self-criticism. «“Being hard on yourself leads to more anxiety, less confidence, less motivation,” he says. The power of self-love has many health benefits. , eat well, be active) even when you are sick or stressed ես feel more active for positive, internal reasons (for example, it ‘s fun, it makes you feel good), not because of guilt or external pressure. You are your strongest ally. ”

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Dr. Foster warns people not to think that your weight or egg is an indicator of your worth. “Your value cannot be measured on a scale,” he says. Also, many people believe that the more critical their body is, the better they will do on the road to weight loss. But this is not the case. “A negative body image prevents you from engaging in health-promoting behaviors,” he says. To develop a more positive body image, he suggests noting all the things that your body does. “Putting more value on the usefulness of your body than appearance will help you not only to be less critical of your physical self-control, but also to be less obsessed with weight as a sole measure of health and well-being. For example, instead of saying my hands and feet, this is it, or focusing on what your hands can do for you, such as hugging your children or loved ones, or what your feet can do for you. , for example, to help you climb stairs և to move throughout the day. «

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You do not have to travel alone to lose weight. “Having a community of like-minded allies is key to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals,” says Dr. Foster. “They can be a source of inspiration, a sound board for when you face setbacks.” He notes that there are numerous studies that show that people with a social support system are more likely to engage in healthy eating ությամբ physical activity, are less likely to regain weight or return to unhealthy eating or physical activity, և lose more weight : than those who go it alone.

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Goal setting is possible, and the more specific it is, the more likely it is to be achieved, says Dr. Foster. “Think about what, when, where.” Deciding “I will walk more this week” will not be as effective as a program like “I will walk Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday.” 30-6: “00 in the evening in the park,” he explains. Choose goals that are sensible rather than dramatic or dramatic. “So instead of ‘I’ll never have desserts’, commit to something more sensible, like ‘I will limit desserts to one night each week.’ Small, realistic changes over time bring lasting results. ”

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When our actions are rewarding or satisfying, we are more likely to continue to do them, says Dr. Foster, citing research. In other words, actions intensify. “By intensifying the action, we can start to be more active, to make it a habit.” When you can not find the activity you like, making the experience of being active enjoyable can help you to repeat it. “There are many ways to make it more enjoyable. For example, involving a family member or friend at the same time. Or, saving something you want to do when you’re active, just watching your favorite show on the treadmill, just walking, listening to downloaded new music, or your favorite podcast. ”

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Failures to not equate to failure. “It’s not about IF you have a setback, but IF YOU have a setback, HOW DO YOU RESPOND TO IT?” Explains Dr. Foster. There are two keys to effectively managing regression. The first? Recover quickly. “Just because you did something in the afternoon that went against your original purpose does not mean you have to throw away the rest of the day. For example, if you have eaten more than you want to eat, you can return for dinner, you do not have to wait for the next day or “I will be back in bed on Monday.” One slip (no matter how big you think) will not get in your way. “Get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Get back in the mirror.” Learn from your failures! “Think about ‘how’ it happened, what you can learn from experience,” he urges. “Avoid asking ‘why’, as this usually leads to self-critical thoughts that are inaccurate and ineffective (for example, I do not have the willpower). Find out what is bothering you և how you can try something different next time. ”

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By ignoring your eating habits, you can change your environment to make it easier to manage, says Dr. Foster. “For example, if you work at home, try to separate your dining area from your workplace or place the food away from the warehouse to avoid eating junk. Research shows that people who are consistent with “healthy” behaviors do so by relying on habits – skills, not willpower. This is because they do not spend much time on the decision to make a healthy choice or not, or they struggle with persuasions that can get them off track. They created their environment with this deliberate egg. or has chosen environments that will help them succeed. ” And now that you have a great foundation, do not miss this extra 19 slimming foods that really work,

Dr. Foster says more than WW: “The community is a key part of WW DNA և և և ծրագրի և::::::::::::::::::::::::: Digital 360: experience “.