For some, the choice to undergo gastric bypass surgery may actually take months or years. This is not the case for Dean Gerke, clinical nurse at Norworth Women և Children’s Hospital, RN. It took him about six months from the moment he considered a vertical gastrectomy to recover. This is Dean’s life story after weight loss surgery.

Considering weight loss surgery

When her first child was born, when Dean was 18, she gained about 70 pounds during her pregnancy. Then they dropped out of college, nursing school, and she never lost weight.

“I feel like food has always been a problem for me. “I have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I have had some bad habits,” he said.

Those bad habits continued until they were 20 years old.

In October 2017, Dean’s mother made some observations that began her daughter’s path to more permanent weight loss.

“We were sitting in his doctor’s office,” my mother said. “You look miserable. “You look awkward,” said Dean, who was 31 at the time. “I felt miserable, did I? was inconvenient. “

Her mother’s nurse suggested she call Norton Weight Management Services.

During that call, D-Jin was told that his height (5 feet, 1 inch) and weight (207 pounds) most likely qualified him for surgery. The next step was to attend a free bariatric surgery seminar.

His surgery was scheduled for February 2018.

Stomach surgery

Weight loss surgery can be divided into two main groups: restrictive and non-absorbent. Restrictive surgeries, including the stomach and lumbar region, limit the capacity of the stomach, leaving the rest of the gastrointestinal tract intact. Some surgeries can be reversed. Malabsoptic procedures include gastric bypass, the oldest and most common bariatric surgery in the United States.

“I knew I wanted a permanent solution,” Dean said. “I knew I had to change my mindset, but I had surgery to straighten my brain. I should not diet now. I can just … live. ”

Recovery և life after weight loss surgery

Devin’s postoperative life is about living sensibly and eating, even though he is still struggling with a “diet mindset.”

“There are times when I give up my eating plan, but now I do not beat it for days. “I am moving forward,” he said.

He also started lifting weights on his Peloton stationary bike. She loves podcaster Kim Shlag’s “Fitness Simplified” show. He eats within his stomach, understands how his body works, so that he does not overload the muscles, does not eliminate the hard work he has done.

Two years ago, Dean also had what she called “mom makeup,” including breast augmentation, augmentation, and abdominal contractions.

“It was almost like an instant belly,” he said. “It was one of the best things I did.”

Dean uses resources available through Norton Weight Management Services, including nutritionists.

“They also recommended the es escrow code book, which really led me in the right direction.”

“Surgery will not solve all your weight management problems. “But for me, it helped me slow down my eating so I could focus on other weight-related issues.” She takes excerpts from many programs, books, podcasts, and resources to help you create a lifestyle plan that fits her goals.

Choosing a weight loss surgeon

Dean did not have to look far to find the perfect care team for his weight loss journey.

“I was already working at Norton Healthcare, so it was an obvious choice,” he said.

Dean went with Norton surgeons to general, bariatric’s laparoscopic surgeon Meredith S. With Sweeney. Dr. Sweeney sees patients undergoing bariatric surgery at Norton Weight Management Services.

“The difference between me and Norton’s choice is that he is a medical professional. “It’s one of the biggest compliments a surgeon has ever received – for having the hospital, for having an idea about medicine, for having me as his surgeon,” Dr. Sweeney said. “He has a deeper knowledge of surgery, medicine, we have a real partnership to help him achieve his goals.”