July 14, 2021

Luz de Jesus, who lives in Seville, New Jersey, received 60 60 from her first pregnancy in 2004, but it remained unbearable. “I was very careful with my second pregnancy in 2014, I only gained nine pounds,” she says.

Being overweight on her small ‘5’2′ was a burden for most of her life. “I had no energy, I was mentally exhausted, I could not do certain physical activities with children,” says Luz. “I felt unbalanced, which made me fall a lot, twisting my ankles.”

Luz really wanted to lose weight, so she tried the technique after the technique. He joined gyms, took exercise classes, tried diets, and took medication. None of this worked. Working as a medical assistant in medicine Behavioral Health Department ի: Raritan Bay Medical Center In Old Bridge, he saw patients being evaluated for bariatric surgery և those receiving further counseling. He noticed a happy, successful patient with the patient Ayontunde Adeier, physician

Knowing that she needed help to lose weight, she agreed with Dr. Adeeri. He quit smoking to reduce the risk of surgery to show his doctor that he was committed to better health.

Dr. Adeier immediately reassured him and carefully explained the surgical options. Because he was generally good, he was an excellent candidate for a vertical gastrectomy. During this laparoscopic operation, he removes 80-85% of the stomach. The rest of the stomach looks like!

“We reduce the size of the stomach so that the patient eats less, which is the physiological consequence of the new anatomy,” explains Dr. Adeier. “Most people lose about 59 percent of their excess weight within a year of this surgery.”

Ob stall. Illness և not weakness

“Fifty years ago we doctors did not think obesity was a disease,” says Dr. Adeier. “We assumed that the person ate too much or did not exercise. Since then we have discovered a hormone called writing. It builds up in the stomach tissue, ներից one of its purposes is to tell you that you are hungry. “Ghrelin can lead to obesity when a person is genetically predisposed to produce more hormones than they need.”

During a vertical gastrectomy, most of the stomach is removed, and the production of ghrelin immediately falls sharply, reducing the patient’s feeling of hunger.

Espresso is more than just a weight problem. It can lead to chronic weight-related illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and even cancer. Successful, significant weight loss can compensate for these conditions relatively quickly when bariatric surgery is used for safe, rapid weight loss.

When Dr. Adeer և and his patient decide that bariatric surgery is the best treatment, he teaches them about the different types of surgeries available. Prior to surgery, the patient will be evaluated by his or her primary care physician, psychotherapist, nutritionist, and any other specialist in the patient’s history.

Before her surgery, Luz and her husband Michael toured the hospital to find out where she would be operated on and where her family would be waiting, which she said greatly reduced their stress. He also lost 10 pounds with the help of his factory specialist.

Luz DeJesus 3:

A new beginning after gastric bypass surgery

On his 37thթ: On her birthday, Luz quit her job for a six-week break. The next day, February 25, 2020, she underwent a vertical gastrectomy. After the examination, he went home the next day to avoid postoperative problems.

“My weight dropped quickly and steadily,” Luz recalls. She weighed 241 pounds when she started losing weight with Dr. Adeieri. Today he weighs 160 pounds, only 10 pounds of his target weight.

He continues his commitment to follow the diet assigned to him. In fact, he can eat at restaurants with family and friends as instructed in his diet. He carefully orders a meal that satisfies his meal plan and brings the leftovers home for another meal. And when it comes to holiday treats, such as birthday cakes. “I enjoy happy moments, I’m careful to manage the size of my department,” he says.

Now Luz can easily take part in the activities she dreamed of weighing only 240 kilograms, including active games with her children հաստատ establishing a regular schedule. In fact, she registered for the 5K race this summer with her husband, son and other family members.

“Weight loss surgery changed my life from the top down,” says Luz. “When you are healthy, you feel good, you can do anything.”

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