One can easily assume that weight loss is as simple as arithmetic. Add more exercise, burn more calories և lose weight. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Probably for some.

Many others, however, find themselves through various fashionable diets, slim teas, supplements, waist trainers, exercise regimens, and therapy. There is a whole industry that revolves around weight loss that has not solved the American obesity epidemic. About 40% of adults over the age of 20, or about 93.3 million people, are considered obese, according to data published in JAMA in 2018. Moreover, many Americans suffering from obesity also struggle with the conditions that contribute to it. , thyroid disorders, medications, depression, anxiety, even one’s own DNA.

When weight monitors, gym memberships and weight loss pills do not reduce it, more and more people are choosing to go under the knife. 2017 The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery estimated that 228,000 people underwent weight loss surgery (up from 158,000 in 2011).

Not all weight loss surgeries are the same և they affect each person differently. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures, asked three women to share what they did not know about weight loss surgery. First of all, it is certainly not a policeman.

Sincerely, Melinda Watman

Melinda Watman, 64

Melinda will tell you that she has been called “obese” since she was two and a half years old. For years he tried to eat the right food, to do the right exercises, as everyone told him, but he did not achieve long-term results. In 2000, when weight loss surgery was not a popular option, Watman chose to see a surgeon. He underwent bile duct’s duodenal diversion (BPD-DS) procedure, in which the stomach is reduced to the size of a banana while the digestive system is transformed to bypass the lower intestine. This is a rare, very complicated operation that has its pros and cons. However, almost 20 years later, Watman insists it was the best decision of his life.

What no one tells you.

You will receive treatment for a “lean person”.

“There is a change in the way people interact with you. When you shop, people who work in the store suddenly pay more attention to you. The person who serves you treats you differently. I remember I was at FedEx և it was a very long store. The door was at the other end, the man was standing there. He stood there all the time, waiting for me to come so he could open it for me. And I thought. “This would not have happened if I had weighed 225 pounds.” This is what lean people get. ”

Your old habits are dying hard.

“For 45 years I had ribbons in my head about eating right, exercising, not being good enough. There are no such tapes [now]. However, when I am really stressed, the feeling of “food will solve everything” begins. It’s not that I’ll just pig, but it ‘s a really weird feeling. And yet there are other long pieces that I do not think will disappear. Things like that, if I cross the street, և a group of people pass by [too]. Some of me think that I do not want anyone to look at me. They have to think. “She is so fat.” Now I know it’s funny. I wear 2 or 4 sizes. ”

You will not digest nutrients in the same way.

“I do not absorb all my protein, so eating enough of it is a big deal. My procedure bypasses part of the lower intestine, thus reducing the length of absorption. It takes longer to digest fat, and with less fat, fat absorption is reduced. So fat calories are not counted for me, which is great. And because my stomach was so tight, I ate less, so I had to focus on everything I needed to eat, which was protein. “My diet has become much healthier.”

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Sincerely, Linda Johnson Onson

Linda Johnson Onson, 36

For Linda, the decision to have weight loss surgery was a matter of life and death. At a heavier weight, he weighed more than 500 pounds, suffered from a number of heart and lung diseases. She has been struggling to lose weight since she was a child. When doctors diagnosed him with brain swelling, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he was prescribed Prednisone, a drug that can force users to gain weight. His mother was a drug addict, inaccessible. He was raised by his grandmother, who fed him well. Johnson Onson used food to cope. After trying drugs and exercises to lose weight, Johnson Onson decided to have surgery in 2009.

He underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, which is the second most common procedure chosen by doctors. During this operation, doctors create a small bag in the stomach and send the bag directly to the small intestine. Onson says he has no regrets about having the surgery because it saved his life. (He weighs 174 pounds). But the road to recovery has not been easy, it is still ongoing. For people who are considering surgery, he advises to treat any surgery they have had before the operation, to make sure that they are doing it for themselves or for no one.

What no one tells you.

You will lose weight fast և you will have to deal with the skin.

“I still have skin that needs to be removed. I mean, if life were great,: if I were a millionaire, everything would be fine. But right now my insurance does not pay for skin removal. I have to wear all kinds of compression garments to be able to wear them. I do not look that big in my Facebook profile picture. But then when I take off my clothes, that’s not what you see. “They do not tell you that you will cry while you sleep, looking at your body, because you have done all this work, and the scales say that you are thinner, but in reality you look fat.”

Sometimes the weight comes back.

“Surgery is a tool. That’s not the end of your journey. You still have to work, make sure you follow this diet, because the stomach is a muscle, it can expand again. In the end, I gained about 85 pounds in 10 years, but it was because of health problems, not because I went to graze again. I walked every day for a while until my peripheral neuropathy got worse after the operation. There you can start to lose the feeling of your feet և they feel that someone is hitting you with a knife. I also battled cervical cancer twice. I got my daughter pregnant and gained about 40 pounds. Then I fell back immediately after giving birth. I also ended up feeling like a lack of vitamins because it was difficult for me to get certain nutrients through food. I had to inject so much iron. ”

You may not want to go out for a drink anymore!

“Alcohol goes straight into your bloodstream,: you will be drunk from your first drink. For me, I used to drink at the table, but now it affects me differently – psychologically, emotionally and physically.. I have never been an emotional drinker. Now I cry when I drink. I lost some friends because of my weight loss. “And that’s because I’m tired. I don’t want to have parties.”

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Sincerely, Ann af afyan

Ann afyan, 59

When Anna was a child, she felt that she was shaped differently than her three other siblings. He was always on the heavier side, trying to lose weight. At the age of 17, he tried Weight Watchers, followed by the Cambridge diet, the liquid diet, and Annie Craig. He tried to do physical exercises, he always managed to lose about 20-25 kilograms, but no more. At the age of 40, he realized that he needed to make a drastic change. He developed arthritis of the thighs and bursitis of the knee. His heart rate dropped sharply because it hurt to be surrounded, especially after training. He felt that his life was getting shorter.

In 2018, Zafian underwent gastric bypass surgery, the most popular weight loss surgery today, so that he could lose weight and have the right to have a hip replacement. Since October 2019, one of his thighs has been corrected, he is on the path to better movement than for years. He regrets zero.

What no one tells you.

You will laugh at the size of the restaurant.

“I can not eat the parts I used to eat. Now, when I go to dinner, I mostly order eggs և I can eat some food from my husband’s plate. Departments of people are now blowing in my mind. I can not even believe how giant they are. So I take a lot of food home եմ I take it to dinner the next day. ”

You may experience painful constipation.

“About two and a half weeks later, I was back in the intensive care unit. I had such a terrible constipation. I was taking some antibiotics. I ate all this protein in liquid form. This is a recipe for constipation. And you use drugs for that, but it does not always solve the problem. Your stomach becomes very small, after surgery the whole feeding program starts with liquid, then it goes to mashed food, then it goes to very small, crushed solid food. And then you can start switching to raw foods. It lasts about three to four months. In my case, it was supposed to be four weeks before the start of the mashed food, but my doctors allowed me to eat it three weeks later because my system obviously needed something to move things around. I have never enjoyed so much mashed carrot in my life. ”

You will celebrate unexpected non-scale victories (NSV).

“They are not about the number of the scale, but about the difference between where you started and where you are now. How do I get in on Macy’s անալ to buy an umbrella? They are my size, they look good. I have a choice of clothes. Or when I get on a plane, I do not have to lift the armchair. I can sit in the exit row և feel. “I can do it.” These victories are pure joy, they still happen. “

What else do you need to know if you are considering weight loss surgery?

If you are on the fence of weight loss surgery or the desired surgery, consult a doctor at a bariatric center for answers. Talk to your friends և family who have had surgery to learn about their experiences. Find a local support group or search the Facebook community online. There are many resources that can help you make that decision.

And if you are absolutely sure that you want bariatric surgery, know that getting surgery is a process. Many bariatric centers today spend months assessing whether you are the right candidate or not. If selected, the reputable center will prepare you physically and mentally, which will become a life-changing medical procedure. Regardless, know that there is support for you every step of the way, no matter what you decide.

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