Weight loss surgery shows its determination as the world struggles with the epidemic of lifestyle obesity and related disorders. Recently published data from the STAMPEDE trial in the Lancet show that weight loss surgery outweighs the intensive treatment of obesity and related diseases, even within 5-10 years.

Dr. Harsh Shet, Mumbai Bariatric Surgeon, explains why diet and exercise are simply not as effective as weight loss surgery. She says. level: “Surgical changes in the gastrointestinal tract lead to a favorable change in the anti-incretin axis of incretin, as well as lowering the threshold of metabolism in the brain to a lower level, which can not be achieved only through diet and exercise.”

Dr. Harsh Shet և and his team provide a comprehensive, personalized approach to weight loss surgery.

He adds: “Although weight loss surgery is safe and effective, optimal results can only be guaranteed if the patient is motivated, the team has the necessary knowledge and skills.”

Weight loss surgery (or metabolic surgery or popularly known as bariatric surgery) works through a number of mechanisms, the most common of which are restriction and insufficiency. Surgery can either reduce the size of the stomach, thereby limiting the amount of food consumed, և / or altering the digestive tract to only partially absorb calories from food. Most of the procedures performed today combine the benefits of limitation to some extent, and therefore provide excellent results not only in the short term but also in the long term.

Dr. Harsh Shet և and his team will provide a comprehensive, personalized approach to weight loss surgery to ensure optimal results and avoid unnecessary surgical treatment of patients. As a laparoscopic bariatric surgeon, he changed the lives of nearly 1,000 patients. Her surgical skills and experience include gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, gastric mini-shunting, review surgeries, and endoscopic gastroplasty.

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Proven weight loss surgery gives a new ray of hope to the overweight community to achieve their ideal weight, lead a healthy and sustainable life. Although the usual methods (diet և exercise) have been tried, however, we have surgeries that are gaining preference և recognition.

Continuing, he says. “Weight loss surgery is not the magic wand you want to be. “Whether one will lose weight quickly in two years, maintaining weight requires commitment from the patient – a commitment that most surgeons will not address.”

Take, for example, his ill wife Dabhari, a 55-year-old obese woman with a BMI of 48.1 kg / m2, uncontrollable diabetes, hypertension, and complications associated with diabetes. He introduced to Dr. Harsh Shet the intention to use medical therapy to lose weight, despite the failure of the previous diet բազմաթիվ many exercise regimens under the supervision of the most famous nutritionists and physical trainers. However, with further advice, she became convinced that a weight loss procedure would be a good option for her. He underwent Roux-en-Y stomach augmentation a year ago and has not looked back since. He stopped his diabetes medication, lowered his blood pressure medication, could run 4km every day and dropped to 28kg / m2 BMI. Ms. Dabhar should be an inspiration to all obese patients who need to step in and seek help. Because recognizing that one’s weight is a problem opens the door to losing that weight and living a healthier life.

Weight loss surgery is a new achievement in medicine. It offers a suitable solution for people who are struggling to regain their health, as they are dealing with diabetes, hypertension, and other lifestyle disorders. As Dr. Harsh said: “Weight loss surgery is not a magic wand, it is definitely a guide to a normal, healthy life, especially for patients who are motivated to overcome their health problems at all costs.”

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